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white smoke from the front of the diesel vehicle

08.05.2020 17:23 # 1
aykut p.
friends, white diesel is starting to come to a halt for a few days in my 206 diesel vehicle, maybe it comes out on the road, but I do not realize what is the reason, would it be harmful to use the vehicle in this way?

08.05.2020 17:23 # 2

How many degrees does the temperature indicator show when smoke comes out?

08.05.2020 17:23 # 3
There may be a diesel leak in the engine, it happened to me once, when I stopped at the lamps, I noticed that white smoke started to emerge as if it had overheated the hood. The pump missed diesel oil, and when it flowed into the heat of the engine, it was making smoke. If there is no heat, this kind of thing can happen.
08.05.2020 17:23 # 4
fuel is probably escaping from the injections or the diesel pump, and when it drips onto the engine, it emits white smoke as steam. of course it may be leaking in the antifreeze on the engine
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