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Which Diesel Fuel Is Better For You?

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08.05.2020 20:20 # 1
Hi Friends .. Since I bought my car (206 1.4 hdi) I have been buying nitro diesel fuel from the shell, but I am curious about the diesel fuels and pros of other brands. I kindly ask friends who use other diesel fuels to share their ideas with their pros and cons. Thank you in advance.
08.05.2020 20:20 # 2
Hello, I have been buying fuel from Opet (90% same station and full filling) since I bought the car (208 1.6hHdi). I go to work regularly every day (including the market), and my average fuel consumption is clear. I buy fuel from other companies to try once in a while. Bp and PO said it would go further, but it did not, on the contrary, it gives a sense of decrease in traction. Shell is not bad but I make less km. I bought diesel only from another place (I do not want to specify the company) I was on the road. Since the engine was euro5, I chose fuel and I proved it by living that day: D
I would like to mention that the station where the fuel you buy is not the main thing, the difference in the station change is the traction and range. The car, which constantly receives fuel from Shell, also makes the station changes.
But you can notice the real idea by trying. I don't think you will have a problem as long as you prefer certain brands and stations.
08.05.2020 20:20 # 3
I use a total execillum, I am very happy with the same vehicle, but if I buy it from the shell, I definitely use feul save.
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