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What would your advice be if I have 206 xenon

08.05.2020 20:25 # 1
My friends, my headlights are very dull, I have two xenon plugs.
08.05.2020 20:25 # 2
C6s are not Xenon Led.

Hıd Tr is a well-known xenon brand. lighting depends on the lumen value of the bulb you are going to install.

The goal is to illuminate Halogen Osram or Philipsin bulbs very well in lighting,
but if you want white color, you have to do xenon or lede,

You can see which bulb has illuminated how much Kelvin value and what tone it is in the photo below.
As Kelvin value increases, Lumen value decreases, that is, its illumination decreases.

I use 8000k Xenon shortly, the lighting is good in normal weather, but it is really bad in rainy weather.
I wore C6 leds yesterday too, I added a video about how it illuminates below, you can look from there.

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