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What should I do? I started to hate my car.

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08.05.2020 18:46 # 1
mrb friends I started to hate my car.
My car has the Automatic Gear Fault error. I took the car to the biker. Connected a device with wov software, said oil is missing.
Anyway, I went to the fat raider, he said, can you put oil?
he opened the oil plug from the bottom (you learned later that it was the bleeding plug) put 320 liters of oil from there, 3 liters.I set off on a long road. Even oil from the air plugs. I went to the service, they drained the complete oil, atl 71114 they were going to put 5 liters of oil, they put 4 liters, they put 5 liters of manual transmission oil in the 5th liter. this time again he gave the same error. Then they said solenoids.
The car gives an error until it gets warm when the engine is cold.
I spoke with the master, the solenoids I said change. I bought a solenoid. I went to the master, poured the oil in the room (3.75 liters of oil came out) he looked to his right, he looked to his left and said I can't. Go to the service said, we put the oil plus we put it in 1 liter of oil. Anyway, he connected the car to his device and made the so-called calibration. He said to me that I raised the pressure of the celeoids to 15 to 25. I got my hands on the solenoids, not made in the car, but let's see what happens tomorrow.

I started to hate this car

You, my dear friends, do not tell you what should I do.

1.6 xt automatic 2004

omerakbulut 2014-08-27 20:55:17
08.05.2020 18:46 # 2
. omerakbulut 2014-08-27 20:56:11
08.05.2020 18:46 # 3
Hello there,

Get priority. Al4 gearboxes can be very headache. Are you overwhelmed by the problems of the 2004 model vehicle, have you ever heard that zero cars get locked in 500km of gearbox and stay on the road? Didn't the DSG story sound to you? You think a little too bad.

The first mistake is not to go to the right master. Personally, I prefer to get information from the authorized service about the transmission and special electronics. Because these parts of Pejoda are as sensitive as possible.

Every master will be confused. Either a good automatic gearbox master or a good official or a special pejo service must be done.

The solenoid valves are important, replace them, re-grease and calibrate again with stnadart values. Personally, if I am an authorized service enemy, I have this service done.
08.05.2020 18:46 # 4
Take the advice of a solid master, someone who will leave the money in the secondary plan will make it clean. How could I get out if there was never any, think about going around this hour, master. Just a little bit optimistic. I gave it to the fog light, I had to paint the first pejo 206 mi 3 pieces, they were deep drunks and it was 320 km road probably I hired it was dishonest but I did not look like it, wash it in front of it, drink water, okay
08.05.2020 18:46 # 5
the real problem is that if you can't find someone who understands the job like a man ...
We consume dozens of drugs until even people find the doctor who can make the correct diagnosis ....
08.05.2020 18:46 # 6
my ace car will run smoothly without errors at the end.
I bought the parts from peugeotmarket and changed them to the service.
200 TL solenoid valve
180 TL labor
Software update at 100 TL
480 TL
I gave it to 320 TL oil before.
A total of 800 TL was made.

08.05.2020 18:46 # 7
08.05.2020 18:46 # 8
If 4 doctors can make 4 different diagnoses to the same person, I think it is necessary to look at the same way :)

When I first bought the vehicle, a right click came from behind. On the recommendation, we showed to a master, diagnosed 1 day passed, said the rear shock absorber, we waited for the track for 1 day, put the shock absorber on the 3rd day, no sound was interrupted, then said other parts from the wheel, entered the weekend together, we waited for the track for 3 days, the sound on the 6th day was not interrupted. At that time, while the apprentice was walking around the car, the master said that I was going to look at another car, we waited for 3 hours :) He said that if the swings change for the front team, it would be better, 400 lira for the parts and 300 lira for the workmanship. Ignorance is here, even 2 shock absorbers and 2 swings are around 250TL. Workmanship is not enough to be 300TL. We ate 100% pile, we would say eywallah

Then, when everyone said, “Don't take the car to the master, fix the click on the right, the left click would come and the right would increase.” For the problem we couldn't eat 700 TL in 7 days and cut the clicker, the man raised the car, removed the back sign and put a piece of hard plastic back and put it back again. With a 5-minute process. Then go to me, come and go, if I click, I will burn this shop, he said: D: D: D Cut the click car :) We bought 4 zodiac sets for 120TL, I gave 100 workmanship, we cut the click for 220TL :)

It will be long, but I have one more story :) When I was on the 3rd gear recently, and then on the throttle, the cycle was going on but the vehicle was not accelerating. In Ümraniye, I showed the kalander in maintenance in the car, pressure pad, air flow meter, turbo etc. they checked everything they said they were all solid injectors. Last week, I met a master in the pendik, the man said, don't change the pressure pad, don't give money. When he spoke ambitious, my old story came to my mind and we changed it. If we had the injectors opened, I think I would have given the same money and the problem would not be fixed :)

It's been a little long, but the right master for everyone may not be right for ourselves. I think it is necessary to find ambitious masters.
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