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What Do I Need To Install Lpg?

08.05.2020 16:38 # 1
Friends, I have a lpg and I have no idea how much I need to do after I have lpg. I have no idea examination. In the 4th month, I will have it installed in the week ahead, and what kind of operations should I do after?
08.05.2020 16:38 # 2
Guests vehicle-to-lPG-tau ktUrdUm license-I-must-min islet
08.05.2020 16:38 # 3
before the examination, the taktak .. guides the place ..
08.05.2020 16:38 # 4
There was a topic in the forum that the leak report remained, & nbsp; but I don't know if it went into effect. & nbsp; My job has not exceeded 1 month legal period & nbsp; What happens if I run on examination? meanwhile inspection at 7th month. & nbsp;
08.05.2020 16:38 # 5
If you have not prepared a project, it will not be a problem unless you are caught .. But before the examination, the project is removed. In general, the citizen tries to use the maximum duration of the examination in this way. .
08.05.2020 16:38 # 6
I also know that 50 TL + 1 point is deducted about his penalty .. I did not witness but he also had the authority to connect the vehicle I heard ... & nbsp;
08.05.2020 16:38 # 7
I do not know if you had an examination. Let me explain briefly ... If you want to take the LPG and prepare the project, you are already ... You are filling in the Annex-1 document since the license will change 20.00 TL. You get a sealing report from MMO. 25.00.-TL (they say the sealing is gone but there is no such thing. I want it here in Antalya). I do not know what emission status, if you make it 28.00.-TL. Vehicle inspection 149.00 tl. License change & nbsp; 135.50.-TL .. Total: 357 TL ...
08.05.2020 16:38 # 8
Yes, the leak proof report has been removed ... read this carefully. When you install a tube, be careful, or you may need to take a repository for inspection. Now, this problem is on my agenda. editdat a>
08.05.2020 16:38 # 9
sealing was left, friends were said to be removed, but they did not remove, I had it done last Saturday, they asked for sealing exhaust emission. & nbsp;
08.05.2020 16:38 # 10
My inspection is full in June and I did not run because of it.
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