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08.05.2020 13:55 # 1
Vehicle owners! Saving fuel is in your hand ... Undoubtedly, everyone wants to have the most comfortable and safest vehicle possible according to their budget. Whether your car is luxury, sports or 4x4, it is possible to consume less fuel by paying attention to a few issues. For this reason, we would like to tell you about the tips on how to use your vehicle with less fuel ... It is possible to consider the reasons of the vehicle's excessive fuel consumption as defects caused by the vehicle and the driver. You should follow the way of your service immediately in order to eliminate the defects caused by the vehicle. Because you can control your fuel consumption with a few small measures. Here are these precautions: Have your engine adjusted and maintained regularly by qualified people. Note the following points in this setting and maintenance. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the air filter. A contaminated or clogged air filter increases fuel consumption. Set the Platinum setting to the value specified in your vehicle catalog. The platinum setting that is not worth it increases fuel consumption. The defect of the accumulator and connecting cables reduces motor efficiency. Faulty battery and electric cables that do not function properly prevent the spark plug from igniting efficiently. Likewise, the spark plugs are defective and out of adjustment, which increases fuel consumption. Idling speed should be at the catalog value. Unnecessary high rpm increases fuel consumption. If the brake pads are tight, wheel rotation is forced, fuel consumption increases. Brake pads must be checked in every maintenance. Clutch stripping increases fuel consumption. Therefore, it would be appropriate to have it checked. Always have the steering and frontline settings checked. Also check tire weather frequently. Use the tire and wheel sizes recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. You can save your car while using the vehicle by paying attention to the following points. Do not follow the vehicle in front of you very closely. Because you constantly press the brake pedal or the accelerator pedal. Sudden braking and then pressing the gas significantly increases fuel consumption. If you exceed 80-90 km / h on the intercity road, every kilometer over 90 km / h increases fuel consumption on average by 1%. The heat of your engine affects fuel consumption. Wait no more than 30 seconds for the engine to warm up before the first run. Waiting for overheating increases fuel consumption. Therefore, after waiting for 30 seconds, move your vehicle and proceed at the lowest possible speed and warm the engine without forcing. Fuel consumption is also high in cold engine. Do not switch to performance use until the engine is fully warmed up. Improper filling of your fuel tank increases fuel consumption. If possible, fill your tank with the slow speed of the pump. The tank should never be filled to the brim. Always keep the tank full. Because evaporation is more in less gasoline. Air conditioning increases fuel consumption. Use this equipment only when you need it. If the inside of the cabin is warm when you first get into the car, first try to open the windows and try to cool the interior of the car. When the engine has reached its normal temperature after moving the vehicle, refer to the air conditioner. Roof trunk increases fuel consumption. Disassemble this part when not in use. Opening the windows while on the go will increase the wind resistance of the vehicle, thus increasing fuel consumption. When parking your vehicle, do difficult maneuvers when the vehicle is hot. Difficult maneuvers you do when the engine is cold increases fuel consumption. If you pay attention to the above mentioned issues where vehicle fuel is so expensive, you will use your vehicle with the least possible fuel consumption and contribute to your family budget. If you have your car insurance and compulsory traffic insurance regularly, you will not have to pay the damage in case your vehicle is accidentally damaged, stolen or burned, and you have contributed greatly to your budget.
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At a plus from me;
For example, instead of going idle when going downhill, always adjust the gear according to the traffic situation of the gear, so you will consume 0 fuel per km.
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