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Timing change

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08.05.2020 14:10 # 1
The maintenance and tiriger replacement of the vehicle has arrived.
I took the parts and went to the master.After changing the truck, the car did not work.
He told me that the problem is from the valves.
But I had no minor complaints about fuel or engine.
I wonder if the timing was wrong, the tool does not work from it.
08.05.2020 14:10 # 2
GOD bless the valve does not bend when inserting, I hope it is simple, the fault is not handled to the trigerherker
08.05.2020 14:10 # 3
Was the car not working when he went to the service? of course it was working. then this is the problem of the master. he must take care of himself.
08.05.2020 14:10 # 4
As Polat says, timing change seems easy, it is not everyone's job. Wherever my vehicle changed in the previous owner, the belt could not fit the timing belt to the canal, and the belt has always been eaten.
If it is not mentioned, you can be sure of suspecting it and connecting it to the failure of the vehicle. Because when the timing changes, recirculation may have trouble adapting, so most masters change the circulation with the timing.
By the way, what is your vehicle's brand model?
08.05.2020 14:10 # 5
The parts that I know will change
devirdaimpomp to
fan belt
fan double bearing
and 1 piece of main bearing
If 1 of these writings fail, the engine will die,
these parts are not very expensive, the sum of all is 375 TL original, but the masters who do not know the job change one belt, the other part pocketing their money, then the valve tends to malfunction the pump fails, that is, the life of the car is the timing belt original 70 tl side snip 40 tl
08.05.2020 14:10 # 6
The brand of the vehicle is 106xn 1999 Model.
He did not mention anything about the perpetual cycle.
He only mentioned the valves.
After installing the triger, the vehicle never worked. I guess Monday will get the valve cap.
If the vehicle had worked, I would take it from there and go to the authorized service immediately.
I am branching out because I can't wear the trier.
08.05.2020 14:10 # 7
I think you get an invoice for the work done in the repair shop.
08.05.2020 14:10 # 8
If the car has worked before and after the timing, the problem of the master is that I recommend having the timing installed at the authorized service.
08.05.2020 14:10 # 9
Need professional masters, it is not left to everyone.
If the tri water pump is full and the tool changes halfway, bole situations occur.
08.05.2020 14:10 # 10
I am experiencing this problem almost every day. The customer is coming, I want to change the timing, I want to change my workmanship to 100 TL.
08.05.2020 14:10 # 11
[QUOTE = peugeotefe] almost every day, I am experiencing this problem, the customer is coming, I want to change the timing, I say 100 TL for my workmanship. Kardesim.They make cars for pleasure, when they come to the master, they cut from workmanship ... machines that are not shown to the master everywhere ..!
08.05.2020 14:10 # 12
I waited at the beginning as I changed the timing set and belts of my vehicle. The timing set has a mark on the wheels (upper and lower), a triangular mark. The belt needs to be compatible with the same marked points. In short, a very, very important wrong mistake turns the whole order upside down and your car will not work! the master needs to run it again because it broke the running car. and a friend of mine had the heavy maintenance of 306 just like me. When the battery was removed, his brain was canceled and flushed. The master did not accept the same as your situation. The quit continued with the brain, but the car never tasted it again. again get well soon.
08.05.2020 14:10 # 13
There is a Demirbenk pejo service on two streets where I work.
I went there for the timing. They did not have the timing set.
I waited for 1 week, it did not come, there was no manufacturer, I bought it from outside and took it to a master.
I am on the side of changing such important parts in the authorized service, but what happened is now.
08.05.2020 14:10 # 14
I think he thought he was a master and said, `` I brought the car in a working condition and I want it in a working condition '' and wait at the beginning. If the marks on the belts and pulleys do not come together and as far as I know the timing set is dismantled (it may have touched the starter motor and made a chassis) it would not be good. I think call your fight fight right and get an invoice absolutely. do not leave the car at the beginning. Everything is expected from the man who broke the car with the timing set when you are not there. and definitely don't give extra money. I say get well soon. we can only advise you. God don't show any other trouble.
08.05.2020 14:10 # 15
What was the result
08.05.2020 14:10 # 16
brother, pity beg, the master, do it as you know it, do not take it, make the vehicle take a minute, even you will take the engine from the notary public.
08.05.2020 14:10 # 17
It is not called MASTER. The timing has changed so that he does not have any trouble per friend. but after he changed he was in trouble. I hope it was resolved. I say, look at the car's brain ...
08.05.2020 14:10 # 18
Get well soon, the fucker is a human murderer :) ::::: /
08.05.2020 14:10 # 19
[QUOTE = peugeotefe] almost every day, I am experiencing this problem, the customer is coming, I want to change the timing, I say 100 TL for my workmanship.
Thumbs UpAlkış
08.05.2020 14:10 # 20
[QUOTE = Aytaç] [QUOTE = peugeotefe] almost every day I am experiencing this problem, the customer is coming, I want to change the timing, I want to change my workmanship 100 TL. QUOTE] I deserve you, bro.
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