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Summer Care for Peugeot!

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In addition to the periodic maintenance of the cars, some important parts of the season changes should be checked. If this is not done, some minor problems can lead to enormous costs in the future. As for what you need to do so that you can drive your car without trouble during the summer ...

The cooling system does not neglect!
All parts of the cooling system, which are vital for the car, must be checked in the beginning of summer. Excessive evaporation or leakage in hot weather causes the cooling water to decrease. If the coolant is below the specified level, it must be completed. One of the reasons for the decrease of the coolant level is the hoses. Also, leaks may occur from the connection points of the hoses or the circulation pump. The control of the hoses can be understood by observing whether or not water drips to the ground with the engine running at the car's location. Radiator also has an important place in the cooling system. Clogging of the radiator ducts can cause high temperature. To prevent this, it is necessary to have it cleaned at least once a year. In addition, contrary to the general belief, using antifreeze in the summer prevents the radiator ducts from clogging. Apart from these, the thermostat, cooling fan, circulation pump and V-belt should be checked from other elements of the cooling system.

In order not to struggle with the summer heat ...
One of the most important aspects of your car's summer maintenance is air conditioning. First of all, if the air conditioner is in the meaning of the air conditioner, always try to replace the pollen filter in the status of the lungs. Of course if you just want fresh air breeze without losing anything from your health ...
Experts also say that microorganisms growing in the refrigerant at the center of the air conditioning system will not only cause terrible, stench odors, but this may be one of the main causes of 'car sickness' syndrome, triggering asthma, headaches or even drowsiness.
Single-celled organisms develop on wet surfaces, providing their nutrients from dead insects, pollen, and even leaf fragments that enter through the air vents.
In addition, the maintenance of the air conditioner, which has a big duty in the summer season, may lead to deprivation of air conditioning comfort in overwhelming heat. The pressure of the A / C gas must be checked at the beginning of summer. If the gas pressure is reduced, the remaining gas is vacuumed and drawn, and the compressor oil is changed. Then, the gas is filled at the rate required by the system again.

Brake system is vital
The brake system, which is vital for cars, must be checked at the beginning of summer. First of all, brake fluid is checked and if it loses its feature, it is replaced with a new one. In addition, brake pads and brake discs are checked and if there are parts worn more than usual, they are replaced with new ones.

Pay attention to engine oil!
Engine oil, which prevents the wear of the engine, may lose its property and decrease after a while. To determine this, you should check whether the amount of oil is sufficient with the dipstick and its color. In order to avoid such a problem, if necessary, the oil should be changed or if it is missing, it should be added. In addition, the air filter should be checked and replaced if it is dirty.

Get on well with your tires to stay on the road!
It is also an important detail for safe driving to check tire pressures at short intervals. The spare wheel should also be checked at least once a week. If you don't want to stay on the road when your tire blows up!

Don't forget to complete your glass water
Considering that it can be used in emergencies, the windshield wipers should be checked and those worn should be replaced. Glass water sprinklers should be checked, and the lack of glass water should be completed.

In addition to these; It is useful to wash the bottom and engine of your car. In the summer, the engine will give better efficiency.
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Let's not neglect Summer Care.
We thank you.
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Thanks for sharing ...
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intercooler condition for summer: p
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[QUOTE = AKlNCl] Let's not neglect Summer Care.
We thank you.

we just put the boiler filters Big 20smil% to
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I'm not looking at myself, brother .. as much as I look at my vehicle ..
Thanks for sharing.
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This is illness, but ... the ship will not pass without a captain. You are more important. Smile
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