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Stop working first in the morning

08.05.2020 18:53 # 1
Hello friends, I have 206 1.4 gasoline, the car runs and stops in the morning, it does 5-6 times, the car does not eat gas when it goes to the first place, but the level is getting better ... they said it did not happen gasoline pump did not they said .. please help nnnnn
08.05.2020 18:53 # 2
Have the spark plugs checked. I had the same problem, spark plugs changed and improved.
08.05.2020 18:53 # 3
take some money to the service, not to the industry; somehow they solve it. but this kind of thing is about fix fuel. I wonder if your fuel tank might be dirty; filters etc. may be clogged. unfortunately there are many reasons ..
08.05.2020 18:53 # 4
[QUOTE = src1907] hello friends I have 206 1.4 gasoline car the car starts and stops the pressure in the morning 5-6 times, the car does not eat gas when going to the first place, but the level is getting better .. did not say engine, musir did not say it did not say gasoline pump did not say .. please help nnnnnn [/ QUOTE]

Hello my teacher,
Apply exactly what I said. I had the same problem.
finally i bought the brain it didn't happen again. but when the 2nd brain took it, the color of the work changed.
They already fooled you just like me, if your car is walking and working somehow, there is no possibility of a brain malfunction.

I list what they will do.
1- airing the system
2- looking at the chassis cables
3- change the heat sensor to the green one
if you couldn't solve the problem with these

100% of your problem has a broken or transmit problem in the socket that enters the brain
Now the event works like this.
If the heat sensor is not working properly, it sends information to the engine brain as -40 degrees, the fuel mixture sent at -40 degrees comes to your car too much and stops as soon as your car is drowned.

My advice to you
Follow the temperature indicator of the car are you experiencing sudden falls and spikes.
or if you have trouble starting the car, get out of the car and muscle your brain. Apply force to it will probably improve because when you start your car and move forward, the contactlessness in the socket part is instantly resolved, but when it breaks, you are not aware of this.

I visited the master master for months, they measured the cables in Ankara, there was no unchanged sender.
If your brain brand is sagem, apply what I say 100%. I am not saying anything else.

Let's get in touch, you can write a special wire, I will call you

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