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Starting Problem

08.05.2020 20:24 # 1

Yesterday I got some ideas about a few issues here, and when I went to the repair shop in the evening, I said that I had read here and the master said that he agreed with me.

I bought the 2004 model 206 automatic car 2-3 months ago. It caused a lot of trouble. Now there is trouble with gear shifts. As far as I read here, it was called transmission oil and solenoid. The master said the same after me. As for the price, 3 pieces of solenoid 450 TL gearbox oil liter is 40 TL from 40 TL and 240 TL. it turns out something like 700 in total.

One takes the starter in the second press. It does not take in the first one. When he spots the car and starts it, he buys it in the first time, but when he does not start it for 1 hour, he gets the starter in the second step. Are there any problems with spark plugs?

I am waiting for your help on these two issues,
08.05.2020 20:24 # 2
The changing solenoid is 2, not 3. If they drain the oil from the bottom, it takes about 4 liters of oil. If they are emptied with the machine, it takes around 7 liters. There is no machine evacuation everywhere. They're usually emptying from the stopper from the bottom.
The solenoid exchange fee varies from 500 to 800 pounds from the province.
I think the other problem is related to the coal of the starter motor.
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