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Sound on Right Wheel

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08.05.2020 14:08 # 1
When I get on the skid, there is a quick noise coming from the right wheel while the wheel is pulling out, There is no such problem on the left side. Sinan 2010-01-09 19:02:28
08.05.2020 14:08 # 2
I do not understand much, but the front team is not finished, dude, my brother will brighten you up :) catch me up :)
08.05.2020 14:08 # 3
The vehicle is in a new way :)
08.05.2020 14:08 # 4
the vehicle has changed the new shock absorbers, I wonder what was done in the maintenance
08.05.2020 14:08 # 5
If the shock absorber breaks out, it makes you feel like you are on the way, but? There is no problem on the way. it only happens when skating.
08.05.2020 14:08 # 6
there is a gap in the axle head.
08.05.2020 14:08 # 7
Thank you, Hasim. is this only because of this situation?
08.05.2020 14:08 # 8
[QUOTE = Sinan] thank you hasim brother. is this only because of this situation? [/ QUOTE]
If it is only on one side, it is 90% flow. There is a very low probability of transmission. But I don't think there is a transmission shortage
08.05.2020 14:08 # 9
that means we shouldn't have a paw Sırıtma
08.05.2020 14:08 # 10
:) diesel, but bad. I am sure your brother can comfortably put paws even in 2 gears. But I want this plug-and-play sound.
08.05.2020 14:08 # 11
I know, sinan, I have a diesel too :)
but try not to shoot anyway :)
08.05.2020 14:08 # 12
friends front-wheel drive, transmission axle rod and tie rod, the biggest damage to the front gear is the sudden chassis first, the axle wheel coupler blows burst oil leaks and the axle bearing fails, this fault usually makes a sound like turning in the turns. in other words, the shaft is a rear-wheel drive train. but in front-wheel drive, 2 axle transmission center iron fails from the transmission output, the expense increases. Use cautiously, car factories are not designed to drive these cars too hard. but this problem is caused by the central transmission, not the axle bellows.
08.05.2020 14:08 # 13
I have a diesel, and I have a sound on the slopes. It sounds like you're going with a flat tire. In the last service, the left axle ball has changed, a setting has been made, and since then, no sound has caught my attention while I was playing pawns. It may have been cut: D, but I have a bow or something, and the room can cause various sounds. berko 2010-01-10 01:43:01
08.05.2020 14:08 # 14
the problem was confirmed to be axle.
08.05.2020 14:08 # 15
me too, from the left wheel, the last 2-3 days sound
I guess it is just like sinan, sometimes it seems like an axle.
Do you know what the solution and expense amount are?
08.05.2020 14:08 # 16
Sure brother changed the axle balls, tie rods and arms to the left and right. I gave something like all + care junkies 600.
08.05.2020 14:08 # 17
not my brother :)
you know the cost I made in the last 1 month..triger + d.daim + torsion
08.05.2020 14:08 # 18
This is sure, even if the car stops at the door :)
08.05.2020 14:08 # 19
just like that ..
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