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Sound from the wheels

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08.05.2020 17:59 # 1
When I turn the wheels when my vehicle is at a standstill or when it is very slow, it sounds like friends. Can anyone help if they know anything about the subject?
08.05.2020 17:59 # 2
Did you listen where the sound comes from?
08.05.2020 17:59 # 3
We showed the master, who could not understand exactly where it came from. He said it comes from shock absorbers, but it was not very convincing to me.
08.05.2020 17:59 # 4
Although I am not completely sure, I think it can be from the balls, even though the shock absorbers, when the vehicle is in motion, the lok loker will sing.
08.05.2020 17:59 # 5
Look at your studs, not loose? It was making a lot of noise when I was loose. takur tukur ...
08.05.2020 17:59 # 6
Is your tires new first?
08.05.2020 17:59 # 7
Change the swings, the lion will have nothing left (the same thing happened to me when it was rotating, it was hitting a blunt when it was changed.
08.05.2020 17:59 # 8
How much would it cost us?
08.05.2020 17:59 # 9
My teacher was bored with a similar problem, it had been in my old car. When I turned the steering wheel to the left and right, and the slow rounds sounded in the form of rot balancing, everything was looked at. At the end, I spent money in the end, the rot balancer found the problem.
08.05.2020 17:59 # 10
The sound started to come out after I moved the tires, but I don't think it was caused by too many tires, because there is a mechanical sound that you know. I also took it to the tire manufacturer, I think they would understand if there was such a thing ...
08.05.2020 17:59 # 11
I have the same problem, sounds like it will break
I completely replaced the front suit of the car

I shifted 500 lira money as if it was going to break when I maneuver the gear back and forth back and forth like lank die sound came, as if something would break from the bottom.

swings z rods normal right left steering rods carriers bellows changed completely akis makis made all sound did not go to the master tire making 16 "dawbumu rubbed shrink and chock in the car said it spikes in the car
08.05.2020 17:59 # 12
Have you ever looked at the ammo wedge balls? dank die bi sounds a bit then a bit like shaking a bit, or does it sound when I turn the steering wheel to the right or to the left in the second round rather than one?
08.05.2020 17:59 # 13
If it sounds right or left, there is a high probability that the sound will swing. If you are not just a pimpirik driver while the vehicle is at a standstill or is doing 10 20 speeds, keep on the bass, no problem :)
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