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Sound from Behind

08.05.2020 21:14 # 1
I have a 206 feline model car 3 4 months ago, I changed it to the valeo brand rear drum, the rear wheels were going with 30, the squeaking sound was improved when I changed it, but after a while I started doing it again, I did not care at first but it started to do too much now, it stops for a while when the brake releases the brake I think the problem is sometimes it does not, sometimes I do not think if it is due to dust inside these campaigns.

On the other hand, I said 100,000 maintenance of my vehicle has come, I will change the timing circuit, what else should I look for?

When I touch the disc surface of the front discs, I saw that it goes a little bit inward compared to the outer layer.
08.05.2020 21:14 # 2
the rear brake centers may be faulty. if the brake is not fully released.

1-radiator hoses
2-v belt
3-transmission oil
4- brake fluid
5- If it saves the front discs by turning, otherwise you will have to buy a new one. front lining
08.05.2020 21:14 # 3
I will take into account what they say, 90% brakes do not release, I think it sounds like it does when it pulls out. radiator hoses look like new gearbox oil did not happen for 1 year.
08.05.2020 21:14 # 4
There are brake centers on the rear drums, not very expensive, probably they are faulty. it is not a place where change is so simple. Well, the radiator hose looked like a new one, my brother, the bottom hose exploded, we burned the gasket. 30 tl hose had cost us 1500 tl on time. If the transmission oil is new, there is no need. But definitely change the brake fluid. and neglecting the v-belt

08.05.2020 21:14 # 5
I said let me have it serviced, apricot circulation v apricot or something, 650 pounds 150 workmanship wanted 800 liras, if I get these front discs and rear drums, I wouldn't get a price
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