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Sound from 106 XS

08.05.2020 18:49 # 1
I have 2 problems I can't solve in my Friends tool:
First, I get up and run the car to go to work, after I start it, after I give it a bit of gas after I start it, a bursting sound comes from the bottom of the full driver's seat 2-3 times in a row 2 months ago when I got a fine of 380 TL from the exhaust exhaust, I would have removed the sound on the original exhaust mounted vehicle. Frankly, I couldn't find it. It does not bother, but it draws attention when driving in traffic, uphill in gear.

The second problem was that the part of my car was burned in the style they called as hydraulic powered, and the steering wheel was not hydraulic and black layout the next day, I went to a peugeout dealer in ankara ivedik organized industry and said that my role socket was showing and the repair should be repaired. With the help of 2 cables, he assembled his original roles, and when I got out of the industry, there was a burning smell on the way to the house. I went to the same place again, looked at your pump, there was a malfunction in the steering pump, I got upset, why did I get the role again? I left the shop (30 roles + 15 cables + 50 tl workmanship) right now the vehicle is not hydraulic, I use it as a normal hawk. What is the real problem of the solution.

I thank the friends who have helped in advance.

My car is 1998 model peugeout 106 xs, Petrol.

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