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rain and headlight sensor

08.05.2020 18:15 # 1
friends, I'm obsessed with this work, I have 2000 model xt vehicle. When I bought it there was a rain sensor and it still exists :)
1- I bought another new sensor, the light is on but it doesn't work (because there is no chance to be active deactivated in 2000 models, there is no such thing as a button on the headlight arm, but when I bring it to the wiper arm, the yellow light on the sensor is on, but I do not move, I need to follow the way. If you are, I would like to make a detailed explanation of the work with the pictures and put it on the site, because in my research, this topic is not only in the language practice;) Cry
huseyinkivreak 2014-01-29 15:53:05
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