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Peugeot 206 Wheel Cover?

08.05.2020 17:32 # 1
Hello Friends,

The original wheel covers of my Peugeot 206 X-Design are in a very bad condition. There is no money to give to the steel wheels because the loan debt is not over.
Where can I find the Peugeot wheel covers? I want it to be a bit of a sport, but I don't want to be too fake. & Nbsp; I would appreciate it if you give me advice.
08.05.2020 17:32 # 2

I was in the same situation, my friend. I bought the wheel cover to keep it clean. Since I am for the original, I bought the equivalent original types. you can look at it here you will like it :) 9F% C4% B1 "target =" _ blank "rel =" nofollow ">

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08.05.2020 17:32 # 3
Number 1 Do not be amazed by this cover, it is a cover that will look bad on your eyes.

Number 2.

Number 3.

Number 4 I really like this cover, I am sure it will create a super and different image if I find it I think it is like a steel hanger.

These are the covers that I love. They are sold in various sizes of auto accessories that suit your wheels. The team is zero 30 TL. it was like original simple and attractive "Thumbs
samet206 2013-04-25 12:40:19
08.05.2020 17:32 # 4
Exactly, I bought Samet from the first cover. I think it looks nice :)
08.05.2020 17:32 # 5
I will go to Ankara on the weekend. Where can I find the wheel cover for my Peugeot 206?
are there any places you can recommend?
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