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Outside Rear View Mirror Inside Hk.

08.05.2020 20:08 # 1

Friends, brothers, brothers, what's this yellow green red cable trio? What does it do?
I had removed the front glass of the mirror for the led. I don't know what it is for the heated mirror? I think I am not likely to damage the cable when removing the mirror glass. I am waiting for your feedback. Thanks
08.05.2020 20:08 # 2
Brother they are not electrically conductive cables.
They strangled the ends of the wires, which provide your mechanical motion control, with plastic terminals. But I did not like their colors.

If your mirrors are manual, you can try it right away.
If it is electric, follow the sockets before installing and check the motion.
Do not remove everything again after assembly.
08.05.2020 20:08 # 3
I agree with the color, brother. I was enthusiastic that I have a feature :) thanks
08.05.2020 20:08 # 4
My mirrors are manual, but when the rear window rezistant is opened, the mirrors are defrosted.
08.05.2020 20:08 # 5
[QUOTE = onlycihan] My mirrors are manual but when the rear window rezistant is opened, the mirrors are defrosting and defrosting. Indeed, the mirror glass has changed and they have canceled this feature. [/ QUOTE]

Don't say my teacher. It is possible. There may have been a mirror change. Right mirror side industry is already. I do not have any problem with the mist in the mirrors, but if that feature is available, I am sorry if it has been canceled.
08.05.2020 20:08 # 6
I know that the mirror resistance cable will be brown in color. In some 206's, manual mirrors have this feature. If you want the feature that moves the round part in the mirror to the mirror glass, you can change it with electric routers and adjust it to the required wiring and control knob to make an electric mirror conversion.
08.05.2020 20:08 # 7
I think he had a subject. I think he was a bit of a buyer. But I remember it was a costly process. Thanks. oguzhankucuk61 2017-01-16 19:36:30
08.05.2020 20:08 # 8
Is it difficult to remove the outside rearview mirror glass, my mirrors are heated. but the driver's side does not heat up, does it get oxidized?
08.05.2020 20:08 # 9
It's not difficult, teacher. You can swipe your fingers from the top or from the side.
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