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Metal buckling sound from the right side (resolved)

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08.05.2020 16:08 # 1
this day Erdogan master's timing belt set I changed it for a long time, I also picked up the sound of metal grout from the right side, by the way, we noticed that the rubber wedge in the picture was worn out well
There is no sound right now. & nbsp;
& nbsp;
08.05.2020 16:08 # 2
Hello, that sound can also appear in the gap of shock absorber towers. It happened to me, I know from there. If your problem persists, take a look & nbsp;
08.05.2020 16:08 # 3
In my car, there is a metal rubbing sound from the front, as if the two metals rub against each other, even though I showed them to the service twice, they couldn't find anything.
08.05.2020 16:08 # 4
No sound right now, more stabilized on the road & nbsp; or when you enter the pit & nbsp;

08.05.2020 16:08 # 5
Look at the front shock absorber balls, sounds may come from there like a squeak
08.05.2020 16:08 # 6
[QUOTE = djchaos] Look at the front shock absorber balls, the sounds may be coming from there like a squeak [/ QUOTE]

You probably answer by reading the title, right?
08.05.2020 16:08 # 7
[QUOTE = koliva] [QUOTE = djchaos] look at the front shock absorber balls, the sounds may be coming from there like a squeak [/ QUOTE]

You're probably just answering by reading the title, right?
< / DIV>
had the same problem with my car, it has nothing to do with the title today I called falcon peugot tu and I got information about the part, I did not memorize, I did experience based comments why do I need to comment on the subject I do not know?
08.05.2020 16:08 # 8
Gentlemen, 1 week has passed, there is still no sound, thanks to friends who follow the title and reply. & nbsp;
08.05.2020 16:08 # 9
[QUOTE = kokturk] gentlemen 1 week is still no sound, thank friends who follow the title and reply & nbsp; [/ QUOTE]
< div>
I have the same voice. and the chock you said is on my left, not right. It has just been changed. Does it have an equivalent on the left? What is your vehicle model? and year? And what is the original name of this piece and how much money did it change?
08.05.2020 16:08 # 10
Engin Tepe
Speaking from the front,
When friends climb up and down 2500 when the vehicle is in the lower ranges, the sound of hitting the front of the bottom of the gas is suspicious, but < DIV> And despite the new change of the engine, the sound of the engine sounds as if it is going to wind at any moment while working without oil & nbsp; there is. this was not up to 1 week.
As an extra, the tires on the back are the directional tire, what kind of problems do I have?
08.05.2020 16:08 # 11
Sec. The quantum, changing wedge is on the left when looking at the engine from the front, a rubber wedge master wrote on the invoice as `` engine ear '' around 15 TL. My car writes in the signature 1.4 hdi 2004 206.

Mr. Engin, since the directional tires are arranged by the manufacturer for different purposes according to their purpose, especially the patterns inside the tire are better to bend, respond to sudden maneuvers and water on wet roads. it is designed for better evacuation. It is more suitable to be attached according to the direction symbol.
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