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08.05.2020 14:16 # 1
Hello, I have a question. I made my car in Ankara an authoritative service with cake and polish. It was a year after time, there were light discolorations on the carrot and it was over time, the first time they did not feel by hand, but I asked him, I said, I said, I was very happy when I was throwing the cake, I said it, I said it, I said it, I would have said it when I was throwing the cake. Can we not fix it without paint?

08.05.2020 14:16 # 2

Let's not create a message pollution by writing the same question in more than one place. Your question has been hit by opening the subject and your other message has been deleted.

Friends with knowledge and experience on the subject will try to help.
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the most troubled and problematic color is metallic gray. if the paint is beautiful, not deformed, only varnish can be discarded. definitely show it to a few masters. then you decide, varnish my paint.

Meanwhile, introduce yourself by opening a new topic under the heading "Let's get to know our members". let's 2010-06-07 11:25:31
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