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Information about xenon (help)

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08.05.2020 15:50 # 1
Guys, these xenons have h1 h2 fln blah what is the meaning of these?
08.05.2020 15:50 # 2
I don't think, don't worry, don't go.
08.05.2020 15:50 # 3
mrb it is h1 h4 h7 bulb type you ask.
If your vehicle is 2000 model 206 and the headlights come from the original factory;
means H4 type, that is, it is available in a short, long single bulb, which means that you should wear H4 xenon.
After 2004 headlight H7 means short bulbs in the busefer and H7 & nbsp; long bulbs in the busefer. Because 2004 and above, the short and long are burning in separate bulbs ..
H1 e hyada H3 & nbsp; used in fog lights. The fog of the 206's is H1 & nbsp; means you will be wearing H1 xenon in the fog .. & nbsp; distance range according to usage area and working principle & nbsp; It is classified according to the order. 07
08.05.2020 15:50 # 4
thanks for the info dinoco ..
08.05.2020 15:50 # 5
"Thumbs & nbsp; why buddy .. stay happy and dont have xenon installation of the headlights H7 type se :)
08.05.2020 15:50 # 6
no I couldn't even shorten it & nbsp; "Blink"
08.05.2020 15:50 # 7
I have witnessed some problems in the electronic brain of the vehicle due to xenon for a few times (self-operation of the wipers, automatic winding up or down). lets be careful
08.05.2020 15:50 # 8
If you are going to get the cheap xenons, if you do not have a headlamp (angel) headlamp, there will be no name for the words you have never bought. I don't even count the damage done to your car.
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