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08.05.2020 17:47 # 1
I plan to remove the fiber bumpers and side sills in my vehicle in the coming days and have the original bumper installed. But there are some things that get stuck in my head. this is the biggest question mark on my head, lower back of the vehicle than the front. Do you think the rear torsion should be removed or should the front springs be cut? which one would be better to have? Does cutting the springs damage the vehicle or does it only appeal to the eyes? I think I lifted the back would the car stay like a stork? I am waiting for your experiences and ideas on these issues. In addition, I will buy 100 lira for my back torsion, if necessary, we will give it to 100 lira for the tornier.
08.05.2020 17:47 # 2
teacher, make the front and rear bumpers original 3.5 put on the front, put 3.5 bows on the front of the original springs if you are trying to get the knock off the springs from the sports spring is expensive i think you will remove the torsion in the end 106 you will see the difference in the grip of this high sports sport bow, you will see the difference anyway but the front and rear bumpers definitely make it original, you will see the difference.
08.05.2020 17:47 # 3
[QUOTE = Alper`EN AKSU] make my front and rear bumpers original, put 3.5 bows on the front, I think if you are going to buy the original bows in the knee, you will see the difference in removing the torsion if you are going to put a bow on the front of the sports bow 106 you will see the difference in the way of the sport bow. The choice is yours, but the front and rear bumpers will definitely make the original difference. You will see the difference. [/ QUOTE]

My aim is to make the bumpers original, I couldn't intend for 5 months, but I don't like it anymore, I don't like it. I mean to cut the springs of course, but since I do not know the details of the work :) You have a lot of knowledge on these issues, so I felt the need to open the subject. Does sports bow affect road handling positively? and I should disassemble the side sill, I think it would be bad with the original bumpers but I would like to get an idea from you again
08.05.2020 17:47 # 4
Now if I wear 3.5 cm or 5 cm, will it get lower? and what about the prices of these springs? Can any sports springs be bought from the spare part? I keep asking boring questions like :)
08.05.2020 17:47 # 5
[QUOTE = 307bursa]

here you can choose one according to the available btch.
If you wear 5 cm, it will be more lowered

thank you :) most probably the ones with the FK brand are the most prominent, but I am thinking of buying from them for now :) I will have a lot of expenses when I say bumpers paint springs or something :(
And the last question for now :)
When I wear a 3.5 cm spring, will my vehicle go down 3.5 cm below its current appearance?
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