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How can I increase hp to 306 xr platinium ...

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08.05.2020 17:04 # 1
Mrb ... Friends, my car is 120,000 km without wear, first hand healthy car ... as far as I know the car is 90 hp ... previously I was an alpha romeo 145 user 1.6 boxer engine had 150 hp ... I want to catch the performance in this. It is enough to resemble the performance of a little, if not as much as it is ... I am thinking of installing an air filter and exhaust to the vehicle ... If you have any other suggestions, I will listen to them as well. ... how much effects will I make on fuel? If I say I'm not worried about the mods, it would be a lie ... By the way, I don't have any gasoline lpg installed and I don't think about it .. right now in the city, 100km8lt long road 6lt ... Sencar < / editID> 2012-10-04 13:47:07
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