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Help with the problems of my 2001 model rolland garros

08.05.2020 18:05 # 1
I bought a 2001 model roland garros 206 1 month ago. I liked the car very much, but I think I bought it at time of expense.
1- After a while I bought it, I experienced an increase in temperature. Sender, thermostat and radiator have not been changed. Fan switching times were unstable. I gave the money of the world, while the problem continued, I took it to another master. It was said that it could be hard trouble from the bitron box and I changed it too. As if it has improved for now. But when the car ramp is going on, it gets hard and suddenly the temperature rises to 98s. And it seems to me that it gets very hot after the car travels 2 km. The masters still do not give up, but he said it improved. The cost is 550 TL in TOTAL.

2-LPG in the car. But it does cut gas and gas. And this started to bother me a lot. I took it to the master who found the bitron box. The room was put on the PC tool. Nothing is visible. The car is constantly wiping out. I replaced the spark plugs. He did not improve. They said the ignition coil. We found the same as trust from the barrier, but not from it. Now I have read in a few places, it may have been a crank speed sensor or socket. I'm not sure, and I'm fed up with that much money.

3-Steering box has missed oil and there is no oil left in the pump. There is a strange voice. The same master sent it to someone else. Both are said to change or repair. He says about 750 TL.

4-Rain sensor, water jet (possibly on the arm) and one of the locks does not work.

I regret that I bought this vehicle, but there is nothing I can do. I have to put it in order. Is there a master you can recommend to me? I live around Istanbul hunters. I'm waiting for your help. It was very sad that I gave money and continued my problems. Please help me.
08.05.2020 18:05 # 2
Your heat problem is not a problem, these cars are always so comfortable. but if it exceeds 100 degrees, torture ...
08.05.2020 18:05 # 3
the masters said so. I'm a little relieved now. But when I get on top of it, I feel depressed and run away. The car is nice, actually, the serial interior trim is used but I have to fix these problems ...
08.05.2020 18:05 # 4
First of all, I want to ask if you did test drive etc. while buying the vehicle?
If we come to problems, do not worry about the heat. I have been using the tool for 3 years, as long as it does not exceed 100, there is no problem. it is usually between 90 and 100. I am not aware of the interruption in my vehicle. The steering box is related to the previous owner. When selling to you, he must know about such a situation. repair or replacement is a must. rain sensor, water jet locks are easy to solve problems among others.
08.05.2020 18:05 # 5
thank you. By the way, I tried yes, there was no problem in the car for 2 weeks. The interruption started later. I showed one more master. says from the cables. he said, we will check the whole installation again. Let's see now.
08.05.2020 18:05 # 6
Get well, I bought it from the engine to the parts that don't work (3500tl) but unfortunately it costs you so much, the car becomes normal, so it is not like wearing rims or sets, I say now I wish I sold 1000tl for a loss. No matter where you return from the damage, it is profitable.
08.05.2020 18:05 # 7
Let me make a little attitude when buying a car in these periods, be very, very careful, because the vehicles that are used in the summer are for sale in winter, in short, when it comes to winter care, and it is useful to be careful to see a car for sale around you in those periods. No, but I do not want to scare you, but it is not so normal in 98s or so. When the fan is turning on, set the fan or if there is a water reduction or circulation is missing, do not leave control over it in this regard. I have no knowledge, you have paid a lot, you seem to be more helpful. May God help you ...
08.05.2020 18:05 # 8
Thank you guys for the comments. I guess my vehicle's movement problem is gone. It travels between 90 and 94. I have never had a negative problem with these problems.
The hop problem of the vehicle has increased. we put it on the pc again and the old malfunctions appeared. Erased friend all malfunctions. He said, "Let's go see it again." I'll go tomorrow. but it's the estimated throttle.
there will be no problems in a short time.

08.05.2020 18:05 # 9
Sir, could you write what exactly solves the problem by sharing here?
08.05.2020 18:05 # 10
As of today, the problems resolved are now max 94s when the hareret sensor and radiator change. this is normal. I said the rain sensor was not working, but it was working. Misrepresentation caused by not knowing the car.

The main thing I see is the problem;
It's about jumping in the car. We have it connected to the PC again. Throttle potential and oxygen extinguisher appeared. The potential has changed, but it was normal for 3 days then it again broke down. Now the same errors come up again. The oxygen sensor will change. I hope it gets better.

Apart from that, there is the steering box and pump business. I think the room will cost about 600 TL. Const. I enjoy using it in a dead end now.
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