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Gas Consumption of LPG Vehicle

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08.05.2020 17:24 # 1
Selamün Aleyküm Friends ... my car's LPG consumption is normal, but I think the gas consumption is a bit too much. I wonder what is the reason for it?
08.05.2020 17:24 # 2
you are driving the vehicle in cold weather for a long time, the fuel sag increases in the winter, normal .. & nbsp;
08.05.2020 17:24 # 3
Is it okay, how about 600 km per month, 60 TL gasoline?
08.05.2020 17:24 # 4
For example, if the brand of the Lpg kit in your vehicle is lovato, it switches to lpg late and the transition time cannot be adjusted as far as I know. But the atiker goes to lpg quickly. Accordingly, gas consumption is changing.
08.05.2020 17:24 # 5
The LPG brand of my vehicle is atiker and the temperature of switching to LPG is 30 but still it is not based on gasoline.
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