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08.05.2020 15:05 # 1
friends, there is one full station near my house. i never bought any gasoline from here. i bought it from opet but there is a lot of difference in between. full is also 3.81. full station. Are you satisfied with your gas?
08.05.2020 15:05 # 2
ali oncu
friends who say good says one of them opens in mainland yesterday i passed by yesterday if you hear the opening day on the nation side let us inform each other after all, they are making 25 percent discount
08.05.2020 15:05 # 3
I'm glad I use the diesel, it is fine, my friend uses gasoline in his car, there is no problem and you can use it.
08.05.2020 15:05 # 4
Friends, when is the pain of the mainland, I wonder if anybody knows exactly where it hurts?
08.05.2020 15:05 # 5
I have been using it for a week, no problem. I would definitely recommend.
08.05.2020 15:05 # 6
ali oncu
when the national road is on the way to istanbul, the youth park on the left side, the theater on the right side, the gas station is a little ahead, I think it is fully totaldi
08.05.2020 15:05 # 7
ok i know we will use this place with good luck in pain, we will use it inexpensive.
08.05.2020 15:05 # 8
I tried it recently, it's fine
08.05.2020 15:05 # 9
thanks guys let me try it for your answers Gülme
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