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finally the maintenance is over :)

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08.05.2020 15:43 # 1
Yes, friends, I have completed all the maintenance of the car for 1 week. After freezing from Cyprus, I paid 1200 TL for a piece of money. original, thermostat, pollen, oil, air filter, spark plugs, v-belt and tensioner bearing, oil, antifreeze, as well as the operation done in the service, transmission solenoid and oil change, program updates 600 TL, 2 operations left to be done. O-rings in the crankcase will change
08.05.2020 15:43 # 2
You had a very light maintenance of the lion of your eye :-))) Bye bye
08.05.2020 15:43 # 3
Jove has been the king of care, I hope you ride for years without problems. Good luck.
08.05.2020 15:43 # 4
good luck the king has been cared for
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