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08.05.2020 18:30 # 1
Hello there. My 2004 model 206 1.4HDI's EGR solenoid cable is unplugged and there are two free sockets, but they cannot reach this area. The owner before me built the complete engine of the vehicle and during this process they disrupted the layout of the electrical installation. I ask for the code number written on the connected cable by taking a photo of the system on the vehicle of someone with the same model vehicle. No gasket or other intervention to the EGR valve. (I removed and cleaned the EGR valve)

Sorry I might have made a mistake because I'm new in the forum (as a new person, I think I wanted a lot Embarrassed )

08.05.2020 18:30 # 2
If you never tried and canceled egr directly?

If you get an error code, you will delete it from the software. I canceled Egr too Wink
Alper134 2014-05-03 11:45:40
08.05.2020 18:30 # 3
Since the valve is not working, egr is already in the closed position. There is black smoke in the thrusts and the reason for this is egr. Egr does not only regulate the heat inside the engine but is opened by the brain to increase the atmospheric pressure in the cylinder in situations such as bottom gas. In other words, the brain adjusts the system according to egr but diesel oil is thrown out raw since it cannot provide the internal pressure as much as it wants. black smoke equals non-combustible fuel. (this is just a theory and I have to find that cable to try this out Wink )
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