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08.05.2020 14:57 # 1

A dent occurred in the part of the car pictured.

What can I do about this?

Should I go to the service, my industry?

Should I fix my lighter from inside, or should I replace that part completely?

The main factor that will affect my decision in terms of visual problem is very useful if you give information about it.

By the way, I live in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, but if there is a place that repairs well, I try to go inside.

Thank you very much for your help, safe driving.
ahmet2010 2010-11-10 20:52:01
08.05.2020 14:57 # 2
brother service sanasorar do we change or hammer or faun paste painting one kicked in me one of the knockers took me to the porter friend corrected with hammering in the industry
08.05.2020 14:57 # 3
saol brother, how much does it cost estimated hammering?
how much does a new one cost?
ahmet2010 2010-11-10 21:14:29
08.05.2020 14:57 # 4
Little kids can fix the paint as before without damaging the paint. It is a little bit of research.
08.05.2020 14:57 # 5
I think my brother, go to autoking, show me the stone cracks 200 lira better than before
08.05.2020 14:57 # 6
I searched the original 206 front fender prices around 50 60 pounds, are these prices normal?
And 200 lira high amount, what would happen if I did not do this? don't worry about my ignorant problem
08.05.2020 14:57 # 7
until the brother makes 200 lira, he buys a new fender, he or she is 85 tl.
08.05.2020 14:57 # 8

unpainted hammer-free fairing dent correction
08.05.2020 14:57 # 9
this is a bit more costly than hammering but better results
08.05.2020 14:57 # 10
I usually change the fender completely, rather than dealing with this kind of migrant service.
08.05.2020 14:57 # 11
Thanks a lot tomorrow, let's look at that dent and call the service, find out the price, write the result here
08.05.2020 14:57 # 12
If someone pulls on the right back door just like in the picture above, it looks like it will be fixed. What is the price of that shoot? tool 307
08.05.2020 14:57 # 13
they asked for 220 + vat for 150 lira for labor

While examining the car, I saw a vertical scratch next to the front door, half an inch from left to right, a slight rust on him napsam acep
ahmet2010 2010-11-11 10:47:41
08.05.2020 14:57 # 14
The services go to the replacement of the part with a new one instead of fixing or repairing, in which the cost rises considerably. I think go to the industry as your friends say.
08.05.2020 14:57 # 15
brothers in vain, you changed the fender, the same job came again tomorrow. Will you give the same money again and find a proper body shop and get it done?
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