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CHIP TUNING SECRET (ECU OPTIMIZATION) To understand Ecu Optimization application, you first need to know where and how the optimization will be performed. This optimization will take place in the ECU (Engine control unit) section. The feature of this application is that the engine will not be physically modified in any way. Only the chip (Flash EPROM) containing the information required for engine management will change. The original program will be read, carefully optimized, and the new program will be installed. We need to go into a little more detail to remove the veil of this work… The history and benefits of ECU The rapid development of technology in the last 20 years has not been far from the automotive industry. The automotive industry has made the most of this evolving technology. Undoubtedly, they have been the most profitable and most beneficial car users. We see the best examples of this thanks to high performance engines in new cars, low consumption, excellent handling and superior safety. Today's cars are equipped with Electronic Engine Management Systems. Whether with carburetor, central injection or common rail multi-point injection systems, these Engine Management Systems increase efficiency considerably… The most notable development in this period was the emergence of the undoubted Engine Control Unit (ECU) What is ECU? The ECU (Engine Control Unit) is installed in the engine compartment of the car or somewhere inside the passenger compartment. Its dimensions are smaller than a tape recorder. This small device contains more than one microcomputer and provides the most efficient management of the engine in changing conditions. These microcomputers run a program contained in an EPROM chip. The ECU is responsible for all engine management and controllers, and constantly monitors the engine's operating conditions, calculates parameters and continuously adjusts variables. All these adjustments take place hundreds of times in one second, taking into account the engine load, speed, environmental variables (air temperature, air density, engine temperature, barometric pressure, etc.). All these measurements are: pressure, temperature, speed, speed, air density. It is possible to make variables such as etc… with a deviation of one billion, by hundreds of sensors in the engine… The ECU detects these values, then finds the relevant values from the map in the EPROM, and ignition timing, optimum fuel quantity, turbo pressure, emission values, etc. calculates and implements the variables… All these operations take place in terms of a thousandth of a second… MELİH2008-11-25 18:21:48
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Thanks for sharing ..
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