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Can friends who know help?

08.05.2020 19:27 # 1
I have a problem with Pp2000. Fault definition as follows
Continuous malfunction: heater controls: oxygen sensor (/) - open circuit
malfunction lamp does not light
my car has a single oxygen officer
I took the oxygen sensor originally based on chassis
Catalyst blank

There is a crack in the oxygen sensor connection socket. I'll replace the socket to the electrician tomorrow with a new one. I don't know if it's going to fail.
would it do this because the catalyst is empty? Do you have the solution? what can i do about it?
08.05.2020 19:27 # 2
Nobody knows my teacher. What does oxygen oxygen open circuit mean? my teacher, take a hand
08.05.2020 19:27 # 3
teacher, is this happening ever?
08.05.2020 19:27 # 4
does not catalyze

08.05.2020 19:27 # 5
[QUOTE = emin15] does not catalyze

[/ QUOTE] You're right, my teacher didn't make it from the catalyst. My socket electrician will renew the socket after the feast. it is like there is a turbo in the car when you delete the fault. The car does not want to go when it returns the fault. I just changed the oxygen sensor that turned on the malfunction light and bought the bosch according to the chassis. The malfunction lamp does not light but the malfunction appears when connecting pp2000
08.05.2020 19:27 # 6
my research seems to be a socket problem for now. If it fails again after refitting the socket, playing with the place where the oxygen sensor on the downpipe enters and imitating the sensor with the sensor deceptor. There was no room left, no other care would be left to do. 😀
08.05.2020 19:27 # 7
Friends were able to find it on Saturday and my oxygen sensor socket was replaced with a clean socket. Do not attempt to connect with non-socket or non-original sockets. malfunction recurs. I examined it thoroughly. the logic is this. oxygen sensor cable and vehicle wiring in different metallurgical structure. sensor output cable heat resistant alloy. The pins of the original socket are produced with plastic molds printed. When cutting the cables of the broken socket near the entrance and soldering the new socket, it is soldering because it is the same cable, electrical data flow is provided without any problems. I say to your friends, do not try in vain. a time oxygen sensor will still give an open circuit error.
08.05.2020 19:27 # 8
In the crankshaft sensor socket, the nail was broken, and it was easily removed, and I replaced it with a new socket. the gasoline relay becomes a double relay. Since one of the sockets attached to the brain came out of its socket and remained behind, the previous owner of the vehicle had the event temporarily installed by installing a relay to a pointed electrician. The brainless electrician who made it found a solution in this way because there was no scheme in his hand. however, the problem will be solved if the pin is replaced. but that's what the unknowing man does. I removed and installed the extra relay, I had the original double gasoline relay installed. the room was renovated. My car is now like zero. pp2000 father wrote that no malfunction was found in the car. Today, the component will be connected to the computer and checked again. this work is done.
double petrol pump relay original zero 75tl
oxygen sensor socket original outlet 50tl
crank speed sensor socket original zero 40tl
I gave 100tl of workmanship
08.05.2020 19:27 # 9
He said I should write a friend in need to benefit. Friends Friends who are Peugeot-citroen vehicles living in Kayseri and its surroundings should definitely stop by in burak auto hasan. man, I swear to school, this man, friends. My car had already been scrapped if it was not for brother Hasan. I am now heading to the hiss engine Leon lara. I still have not found a good engine mechanic. If you stand at the beginning, if you understand a little bit, they do it but I wouldn't recommend it. but I'm looking for a good mechanic-mechanic. I would be glad if he knows the writer. kayseri leaves the old Peugeot-citroen service and all Peugeot circuit diagrams are available. it can even integrate the brain and save the brain. my trials continue. I will write the results here again
08.05.2020 19:27 # 10
Yes friends, I write the expected result. I connected the pp2000 to a different place apart from the electrician hassle which removes the malfunction today and the result is ccccc excellent. Failure not found 😀 😀 😀
Oxygen sensor open circuit fault, have friends check the oxygen sensor connection wires. replace the socket with a sturdy socket that is the original outlet. Do not trust the bosch invention universal connector socket. ooohhhh ya relieved there was no electronic fault in my car. friends of yours
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