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Boron Additives (NNT Boron Power - Motorsilk)

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08.05.2020 14:17 # 1

Let's reinforce our experience on boron

08.05.2020 14:17 # 2

I saw a boron-added product today. I thought about whether to buy it or not. I wonder about the opinions of friends who have experience. I can try according to the situation.

08.05.2020 14:17 # 3
I think no one uses Sırıtma
08.05.2020 14:17 # 4
I used the engine oil was decreasing and the traction was very weak. The oil augmentation decreased.
08.05.2020 14:17 # 5
I know a lot about using NNT Bor Power.
need to think about it
Why doesn't the authorized service give or sell it when buying the vehicle?
08.05.2020 14:17 # 6
I guess such additives work better in older and worn engines. If the new technology uses a solid engine quality engine oil, it is normal that the effects of these additives are not noticed much.
08.05.2020 14:17 # 7
it's a little late but i wanted to write my idea and experiences
I used my previous vehicle in 1994 model lpg eagle ntt boron additive
I got really satisfying results in terms of engine traction + overheating + fuel + sound
for example, about 250 300 meters long steep steep that is always on my way
As I climbed the slope, I was in love with the car in 2 gears and I was falling down to 1st gear after using this additive oil.
when i just bought my car (peugeot 306 1.8 xr gasoline) about 5 months ago
my first job was to replace the engine oil with 10 - 40 castrol magnatech engine oil
nnt bor silver oil additives and after changing the engine oil, the master engine warm up a little 10-15 km, come and put it in boron poweri he said, i went to the peripheral road and warmed the vehicle at high speed
then they put a small long funnel and boron power through the hole in the oil dipstick
so I don't know how it contributed to 306 ma since I could not experience the boronless version of the vehicle.
but I can give the example of the slope just because I always went this way in 306 provinces.
Now, this is not a motorway or a road between the neighborhoods.
After the very sharp bend, enter the king king rally.
Since I usually encounter this way after work, the road is empty around 22:30 in the evening.
and I enter with the 2nd gear at most 4000 in the first 50 meters of the slope since my car is very wasteful
I shift to 3rd gear at speeds I go up at 3500 speeds even at 3 speeds, even when I get loaded to gas
I can even shift into 4th gear in the last 50 meters of the slope, but as I said just before, in the end
I have a high bump, my car is flat on the ground
these two cars are not equivalent to each other, but I still trust these products
There are certificates from many international organizations in the back of the manual inside the package. Also, since the boron grains of nano size stick on the parts, they are used for the first time in the morning.
Deformation in your engine is reduced by 80% after changing the engine oil to be considered
Putting it in new oil will be ineffective in the dirty oil if you pour it over your old oil.

08.05.2020 14:17 # 8
BEAUTIFUL explanation, I am really curious about it, I want to use it internally.
If you are interested friends, I recommend them to look at these comments
08.05.2020 14:17 # 9
I put it in my motor with 10-40 total 7000 at 110.000 km. It was about 4000 km. I feel a little softer and quieter. The difference is that there is a difference in it, as if it was ... I put it out once again.
08.05.2020 14:17 # 10
need to try;)
08.05.2020 14:17 # 11
friends, this time, concentrated on advertisements, everyone says very well indeed, I haven't tried but my maintenance time is near, I will use it in maintenance
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