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08.05.2020 16:09 # 1
It looks like you haven't researched much,
& nbsp;
08.05.2020 16:09 # 2
I would like you to fill in the information in your profile completely and write the information of your vehicle in the signature section.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 3
mehmet eren
I kindly ask you to fill in the information in the [QUOTE = text] profile and write the information of the vehicle in the signature section.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 4
Boron is really useful, but if the engine of the car is intact, it is not very healthy to use it for no reason if there is no problem.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 5
106 Quick, I do not agree with my friend, it is not objectionable to use it for no reason. You will get it in advance. If you add it to fix the dead engine, we already know the benefit of the useless pipe. We sell it in our oil. It does not hold things and makes it work like a watch. It has a price of 50 to 60 TL. Don't worry if the car engine is hot, you can even shake it and even hit the ground.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 6
After boiling in the engine in the boron, after a while, the coating starts to get wet, and the parts begin to fail to wet the oil in places where it needs to be greased because it freezes.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 7
already clean oils will stick together alone adhere to the tools & nbsp; 1 & nbsp; next year FIS she extinguished would boron rare in the world, holding 70% of the turkey and everyone has something that pursuit are endless benefits of advanced fuels we will go with that 1 liter of a tank gittigin gasoline it will be personal idea since trying
08.05.2020 16:09 # 8
pipe & nbsp; There is no use in the car that started to burn fat. I think there is no need for boron in the robust engine
in short & nbsp; no need
but I have tried it doesn't work
08.05.2020 16:09 # 9
Engin Tepe
I think it would be more useful if we use this as fuel. Because the fuel quality we buy our vehicles is ruining ...
08.05.2020 16:09 # 10
Does anyone know how to do these octane boosters?
08.05.2020 16:09 # 11
Engin Tepe
[QUOTE = DRIVER34] Does anyone know how these octane boosters know anything [/ QUOTE]
I also used Jetta fsi 1 year performance and engine sound increase.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 12
I put castrol as oil, it was written in bold letters, don't use this additive, why?
I also read the 306 manual, says 1000 km = 0.5 l max oil usage and says that it is normal to complete the oil of the vehicles coming to the control. to prevent engine wear, it has allowed to reduce oil in certain limits in order to prolong the life of engine.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 13
Use oil with the quality recommended by the manufacturer in your vehicle. I used boron before, it does not work very well. It would be on the line. When I put the boron it dropped a little more. Actually, 7500 15000 people said it was 10 * 40 and the other was 20 * 50 oil. Then I learned 10 * 40 oil. no.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 14
[QUOTE = sedataksu] Use quality oil in your vehicle at the values recommended by the manufacturer. I used boron before, it does not work. I would change the oil of my car at the same place, they would ask me to put 7.500 km of 15.000 km of oil, because I wouldn't use the car too much, they would put 7500 km of oil, the price would be cheaper. The temperature indicator would be above the 2nd line. When I put a boron, it dropped a little more. * 50 years later I learned about it. Then I put 10 * 40 oil, the temperature indicator remained below the 2nd line. Add quality and correct oil to your vehicle. No need to add. [/ QUOTE] I used it in my different tools Boron oil additive. It can be considered both very useful and unnecessary. More precisely, it depends. That is: 1 - 3 years ago, I just used it in a 25,000 km gust variant (I bought Castrol oil). I couldn't see the benefit. I discussed this with the manufacturer. He had told me that it was not necessary in vehicles with a low mileage, it could be useful in worn engines. So I made unnecessary expenses. However, it was not at all harmful. 2- I used it in my Peugeot 307 SW (which was 86,000 km when I bought it) last month, about a month ago. I wish I had added Boron in the previous oil change. My urban fuel consumption fell from 7.6-7.9 to 6.8-7.0, and my urban consumption fell from 8.3-8.5 to 7.2-7.4. 3- I think you know the performance of 307 SW gasoline. Heavy acceleration at low gears (1st to 2nd gears). After the 3rd gear, the engine will only start to lift the body weight. Believe me, after the addition of boron, one feels better performance difference in 2nd gear. In summary; I definitely recommend it for its contribution to both fuel consumption and engine performance in worn engines with miles. I also disagree that he did damage by ruining. NOTE: Last week, I bought a product that was claimed to create a magnetic field (with a strong magnet) that would make the engine use maximum fuel. I couldn't plug it in yet. (But I can say from my engineering education that his logic is very true). I think I will get a positive result. I will share the server with you .harmus2011-10-16 18:17:34
08.05.2020 16:09 # 15
I would like to add another note. The values given for the oil may vary depending on the climate and weather conditions of the vehicle in which the oil will be used. The other value shows viscosity as many of you know. In other words, the values of the oil to be used by vehicle owners like me (İzmir) with Aegean climate and colder Central Anatolia or Eastern Anatolia climate should be different. I recommend you to get ideas from the beautiful annotated articles of the friends in our forum and the oil you will change. Also, I think it is very important that you use the oil recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and go to a & nbsp; qualified service or master for your oil & nbsp; change. After all, the heart of our vehicle is our engine.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 16
I used a car with a carburetor on my old 50000, I did not see the effect of fuel saving, but it was felt obvious that it gave a series, I did not see it as a need.
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