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Beep sound when driving 206 cc vehicle

08.05.2020 19:28 # 1
Good day guys, I bought a 2006 model 206 cc last month. However, when I start to go with the vehicle covered, the beep sounds when it stops. When I open it, there is a constant beep. Does anyone know what's wrong or happened to him before?
08.05.2020 19:28 # 2
My teacher is probably not able to fully realize the ceiling closing event. There were a few topics related to this and if you search the forum you will definitely find it.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 3
Thank you, I called but I couldn't find it, so I wrote but I'll see it again.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 4
Hello, the same problem, I am living with me now.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 5
mrb brother and me, when the car goes full, it starts to sound when it brakes, it silences when it brakes, its solution is open or the safety belt is not a warning sound, bipp is sounding, it is continuous, cut, not cut, I do not have good masters who understand this.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 6
slm. I have the same problem with my friends. When it moves, a thousand beeps sound.
It does not show any warning on the screen. Did you find the reason?
08.05.2020 19:29 # 7
My brother, I am in the center of enlightenment on the big openable ceiling. There is no work done here.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 8
friends this problem is usually caused by swiches.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 9
Friends were sitting when they moved today. He was silent when he stopped. Today I have completely opened the ceiling and closed it again, the problem has now passed. I hope it will not repeat. I guess the rabbit wasn't fully seated. Or I might have touched the button while wiping the interior of the car.
My brothers who responded, tskler. By the way
08.05.2020 19:29 # 10
Friends were sitting when they moved a thousand voices. He was silent when he stopped. Today I have completely opened the ceiling and closed it again, the problem has passed. I hope it will not repeat. I think the ceiling was not fully seated. Or I might have touched the button while wiping the interior of the car. Does the curtain in the trunk always have to be attached? Or do we just wear the curtain when the ceiling is opening?
My brothers who responded, tskler, by the way
08.05.2020 19:29 # 11
exactly where is my brother braveheart0088 instagram can you write me ordann banaa
08.05.2020 19:29 # 12
braveheart0088 my brother slm. I saw your summer very late, excuse me. Unfortunately, I do not have an instgram. However, there is face email and whatsup. The problem has not been repeated this time. So beep beep. I understand that you are giving a beep warning due to the ceiling not being fully seated at that time. If they have friends who experience the same problem, I recommend them to check that the ceiling is not fully seated.
friends, I didn't want to open an unnecessary topic. Sorry, my friend of the form manager. I have no acquaintance with this car. . I live abroad. ■ Where is the 206cc step, Allah asking? There is something like a box under the car. I plundered the baggage you couldn't find. I couldn't see it below. Actually, there is no step, but the problem is that when my new problem enters the pits, it is as if it is zipping in the pits by the rear trunk or under the bag. Or as if Metals crash into each other in the trunk filled. I wondered if it was my stepmother, I couldn't find it.

08.05.2020 19:29 # 13
Spare wheel is not compulsory for 206 cc and many convertible vehicles ex works
They are not available as a tuberculosis examination without a spare wheel.
I think there may be a torsion disorder for the metal sound coming from behind
08.05.2020 19:29 # 14
Thank you for your reply srvo.
I have replaced the rear 2 shock absorbers. When he got into the coffins, the shuffling sound stopped. Today I write the first day developments. However, I entered the squad for the purpose of experimentation violently, the back torxion sound came once. Apart from that, the sound formed when entering the normal and small pits was cut. We saw that it was not urgent when the dampers closed. They were broken, I think it was their first shock absorber. My advice to those friends who come to this sound is that they do not panic as a torsion sound and have the rear 2 dampers checked. It is known that the depreciation is cheaper.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 15
I have 206 1.4 HDI, I was able to understand what happened since I bought it, and I did not understand what happened since I bought it. Also, the sound coming from behind was torsion. the back stands very low compared to the front, there were 17 rims on it, they said it is now there are 15 rims, but the same 3 people got on my knees crashed, what is there is a pair of scissors? Yakyo I was removing the polar head for 1 week, nobody could not solve the event, they did not close the parks before. I said they were from the amarican. I got 300 defects. I am having a headlight problem now. ejoşar is chronically troubled, you are going to get the original ride, dont wear amarican zenon strobe-style stuff.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 16
The repairman said the ammunition broke out, I just changed the other shock absorbers. First few days there was no sound. The damn metal bump sounded on the laka and bumps again.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 17
I would appreciate if anyone knows an alternative solution without the torsion inserted completely. It is as if a screw is loose or a worn rubber crashes into metal from the plug.
You found a video like tuebebe.

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