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automatic gear fould

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08.05.2020 17:58 # 1
antupullition foult has appeared in my car today, the engine light came on, half an hour later, I received the automatic gear fould warning, half an hour later, the engine light went out, there wasn't anything wrong with the car.
08.05.2020 17:58 # 2
When you get the automatic gear error, change the gear and put it in 3rd gear, but even if you hit the gas, there was something like not going away.
08.05.2020 17:58 # 3
No, we were at the wedding convoy, he burned and warned for a while.
08.05.2020 17:58 # 4
What is the km of your vehicle, did you revise it?
08.05.2020 17:58 # 5
I did not get it in 154000 km ...
08.05.2020 17:58 # 6
Cut your car's charge, you can do it too much
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