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08.05.2020 16:55 # 1
Mrb friends, good luck to everyone. When I turn left wide and left wide in the vehicle, did did did die 3 times sound comes and the stop light is flashing. I couldn't understand how it is a problem. The sound comes close to gasoline warning. It is the same sound. I am very happy if there are friends who have experienced something like this before
08.05.2020 16:55 # 2
Have you checked the steering fluid level?
08.05.2020 16:55 # 3
I never looked at it tomorrow but tomorrow, but it seems like there is an abnormality on my steering wheel.
08.05.2020 16:55 # 4
[QUOTE = fatih.ctk] I've never looked at it tomorrow, tomorrow, but it seems like there is an abnormality at the wheel. Could it be from another place? It may be somewhere else, but first check the level. We think about other possibilities later.
08.05.2020 16:55 # 5
well thank you. & nbsp;
08.05.2020 16:55 # 6
ibrahim YILDIZAK
Check the coolant level, it does it too.
08.05.2020 16:55 # 7
eyw I am on the balance. There is also a problem in the bidet. I came a long way when I came a long way, there was no collapse in the hood, but the paint in the car is as big as my thumb.
08.05.2020 16:55 # 8
ibrahim YILDIZAK
[QUOTE = fatih.ctk] eyw ona balance. There is another problem in the bidet, I came to the road for a long time, and I did not have a crash on the hood, but the paint in the car is as big as my thumb. Go past your body shop and make a retirement so that it is not clear.
08.05.2020 16:55 # 9
get past, my friend, actually, to break the steering wheel to the right or left to the end, so it's not good at all. / div>
08.05.2020 16:55 # 10
The estimates were correct, I looked at the steering hydraulics today, it is missing from below. what is the expense?
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