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Abart Exhaust and Open Air Filter to Diesel Car

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08.05.2020 16:09 # 1
If the diesel car would be fitted with an Abart exhaust and an open air filter, it would be a question of what it would be like.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 2
I saw an abart exhaust in the diesel, but I have never encountered an open air filter.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 3
There is not much difference when an open air filter is installed, I tried it personally, exhaust is installed but it does not give much flavor in below 2.0 diesels, I need to do a floor cancellation or something. I think it would be better. mimitt 2011-09-24 10:08:11
08.05.2020 16:09 # 4
Muhammet CAKIR
hyundai era ya weared exhaust & nbsp; very nice sound :)
08.05.2020 16:09 # 5
Hmm I understood then we will manage with the exhaust tip ..
08.05.2020 16:09 # 6
Engin Tepe
I'm going to have the partner open air filter 2.0 engine a sooner, Exhaust will not leave the brain after a certain time: D
08.05.2020 16:09 # 7
Exactly it would be much better if you blow-off.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 8
I recommend you to try before buying an air filter, you may not find the sound left in your head from gasoline vehicles. :)
08.05.2020 16:09 # 9
Ewt I had a golf 4 2004 model..I have a sound filter like the original engine, for example, I would like to look at it with admiration. .
08.05.2020 16:09 # 10
[QUOTE = Berkay] Exactly, you'd be better off blowing a blow-off. [/ QUOTE]
08.05.2020 16:09 # 11
I wore 206 exhaust. I had the inside of the catalyst broken and emptied, the sound was a bit good. My friend had a complete straight pipe made his muffler-free sound was his ... The open air filter would not be a diesel but it would not be nice. Diesel engine and diesel operating systems are different, so you can't get the sound you want.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 12
No need for them to make eyebrows, let's not take a look at it, in a period when the ozone layer is full of holes, I will not hit it in a blow :)) Finding a beautiful exhaust tip according to the most beautiful 307 is looking towards the ground no matter where I find it.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 13
Engin Tepe
Blow off 200 TL, if anyone recommends where to find a very electronic. sound is very important in electronics, close to the original.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 14
All inclusive electronic blow-off 200 TL including workmanship in Ankara ..
08.05.2020 16:09 # 15
Engin Tepe

If I come to Ankara, I have to pay 200 TL more. If D sends a piece, can it be attached here.

08.05.2020 16:09 # 16
I can say that Ewt has a simple assembly ..
08.05.2020 16:09 # 17
[QUOTE = Engin Tepe] Blow off If anyone can recommend where to find 200ll of electronics, blow off. sound is very important in electronics, close to the original. [/ QUOTE]
What I call is not electronic but normal blow-off.
08.05.2020 16:09 # 18
Electronics better than blow off?
08.05.2020 16:09 # 19
The electronic blow off only gives sound, does not help the pressure of the turbo to be discharged, they attach it to the exhaust tip everywhere, they cut the part on the vehicle and bend the pipe in accordance with the tip you just bought, or you can find them from the ends where the oblique part passes. mimitt2011-09-24 14:22:29
08.05.2020 16:09 # 20
Engin Tepe
There is no better drilling and cutting process than electronic, there is no gas plus engine in the diesel. Hee sound event doesn't give the same pleasure
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