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A question about CD Player and Exhaust

08.05.2020 18:42 # 1
Hello friends,
I have 206 I am very satisfied. But the cd player plays according to his head. Nowadays, the number of tracks is waiting and not playing. I wonder why? What do you suggest if we need it or if you buy a 50-100 lira cd player with usb? Also, what should be taken into consideration when buying a new USB CD player? Is there any brand model suggestion?

Also playing exhaust pipe, my master said it will not be a problem.

I have no problem, I bought a new car gasoline 2006 model.

Well, there was a small vehicle of the Suzuki Alto 1.1 model before. I can say that it burns the same gasoline. No LPG, just petrol.

what would you suggest for these two topics?
erencaner 2014-07-16 21:35:08
08.05.2020 18:42 # 2
It is enough to open and clean the tape only :)
We have a tape like a monster, I think there's no need to change it.

08.05.2020 18:42 # 3
Well, if the muffler is rotten or one of the collets is broken, if it disturbs you during the drive, there is no logic like this. After all, if you value your goods, I say that you have the necessary controls. Every negligence on the vehicle always leads to worse results.
When it comes to the tape business, there are many such products on the market, but you can not find the model with the USB - CD player for 50 - 100 TL. - It is a tape with SD card reader. I can recommend pioneer and sony brand. The model varies according to your wishes.
08.05.2020 18:42 # 4
I say book the exhaust. Then you leave it on the road in a harsh effect.

Appreciation for the tape speaks of your budget and expectation.

If you say I do not spoil the original, you can use the USB-aux apparatus of the tape. About 150TL. If you say no, I don't want to pay him, I'll buy a tape, and use it in other vehicles. I recommend pioneeri sony, kenwood and especially jvc. Low series is a complete fp product.
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