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206 turning mirrors into electric

08.05.2020 17:35 # 1
Hello.I will change the mirrors of my car.
08.05.2020 17:35 # 2
This topic has been discussed many times before in the forum. If you search, you can find answers to your questions.
08.05.2020 17:35 # 3
I researched the forum, but no topic has come to a conclusion, so I will make my decision accordingly.
08.05.2020 17:35 # 4
you should try if the cable is pulled. The vehicles of the other friends had no wiring harness, only the cable to the external heat sensor. No need to try and get 2 joysticks.
08.05.2020 17:35 # 5
206 ersan
Actually, I am not thinking about it, but does anyone have a definite & nbsp; knowledge of 206 electrical scheme or a booklet that shows the electrical installation scheme precisely because we hear that there is a cable in 206 but there are no columns in the rear doors but there are no fog lights in front of them. the wiring is pulled but there is no fog lights, right in the mirrors, there is a temperature sensor cable to the door, the temperature sensor is pulled up to the door, the trip computer is in the idle vehicle, there is not a single line screen, not a 3 line information screen, there is no temperature sensor, but there is no connection to the door. why it is so ridiculous it is a lot like this & nbsp; for example, we hear things like the trip computer screen is changed only from its sockets, & nbsp; most of them are working without being introduced at the service in 206, the installations are put as if there are so many hardware but this is not the hardware itself. How to get full information, where, what is drawn or how we can learn as soon as we work properly
08.05.2020 17:35 # 6
206 ersan
We even have friends who make speed stabilizers in the forum. These kinds of equipment work on these vehicles without much effort.
08.05.2020 17:35 # 7
I think this has something to do with the brain, but I wonder if it can be done in black order.
08.05.2020 17:35 # 8
206 ersan
when this tool is removing all kinds of works and the installation is in idle form, why do I get a black layout so that we can master my own 206 in the forum, there is everything related to sharing a team rar 206, I think it will be a great possibility to investigate from there.
08.05.2020 17:35 # 9
[QUOTE = 206 ersan] When this tool is removing all kinds of works and the installation is in idle state, why do some of our friends share a team rar so that it is a master of 206 in the forum, there is everything about the picture, there is a great possibility to investigate from there I think it will be there [/ QUOTE]

Which study is removing it, what do you mean by the study? If there is a program in the brain, if the system is pulled out, it makes a factory, and it does not escape from taking the mirror and attaching it there. heated, it is absolutely necessary to do things, I think, I will go tomorrow and I will investigate and cut it.
08.05.2020 17:35 # 10
I asked the master. So what are these incoming cables for? Or how far do they reach?
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