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08.05.2020 18:52 # 1
greetings Friends;

I became a new member of the forum; I bought the 2008 model 206 automatic gear 1.4 fever for the first time 4 - 5 months ago. When I first got it, the vehicle was shaking a lot; They said they had a chronic problem and ate; when I researched it later, I saw that there was a problem in the ears; I changed the tremor, there was no water, 1 week ago, water started to come into the heater; I changed it 3 days ago; when I changed it, I changed everything about the oil-filters or something. There was a significant improvement in comfort in the car. no longer shouting.

I currently have 2 problems;

1- The traction is poor on slopes; that is, if I took inertia and did not enter the slope fast; I can accelerate with full throttle; If I hit the standard, it turns out 20. If I press it as if I have an egg on my foot, the gas accelerates slowly; If I do not press the gears too hard, there is no knock, etc. but when there is traffic, there are sudden hits. is this a problem; Is this normal? It is the first time that I use automatic gear; we bought it for the chick especially so i cant be sure.

2- For example, we are on the highway; I pressed, I'm going; I saw 120-130u; no problem going; but when it starts to apply the brakes slightly, the steering wheel starts to shake; brake disc pads said good master. He said there is no space etc. in the front swings. is this normal?

Thanks to the friends who answered.

Note: original 206 2008 model headlights for sale or for rent; you only need it for 2-3 days; For inspection. I give 50 TL to those who want to rent. negotiated for sale. can write from those who are interested.
08.05.2020 18:52 # 2
problem: 2: there are balances in tires or axles .. problem: 1 if the axles are motor ears, the lower engine end chock is looked and if it is intact, it is a damn problem I am having from the gears inside the gearbox .. 78peugeot78 2014-11-13 17:37:28
08.05.2020 18:52 # 3
[QUOTE = 78peugeot78] problem: 2: it is either in tires or in the axles .. problem: 1 if the axles are the ears of the engine, the lower engine end wedge is checked and if it is intact, it is a damn problem that I am experiencing from the gears inside the gearbox .. [/ QUOTE]

I did not receive any errors with the gearbox alone; I checked the error log; there's no room. There is absolutely no warning signal etc. in the vehicle. As you said, how can we solve the problem with gears ?; Every automatic gear 206 attached to my head is like this; so I couldn't be sure; It feels strange, since I haven't put my hand in automatic gear before.
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