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206 oxygen sensor cleaning

08.05.2020 21:00 # 1

When I bought my 206 vehicle 3 years ago, there was a fluctuation in the idle, and sometimes my foot was pulled down from the gas, even though the idle was set at 10, could it come down to 10 again and be it caused by the oxygen sensor?
2 years ago I got lpg, lpg ci also said to me that your fuel consumption is one click more, either from the oxygen sensor or idling engine

yesterday I asked the gardener in the industry,
oxygen sensor 300 tl
idling engine 150 TL

there are 2 topics i am curious about
1-Is the oxygen sensor cleaned?
2- what do you think could be?

08.05.2020 21:00 # 2
I can't say that fuel is definitely something in the surge idling engine. there are those who clean the oxygen sensor but it doesn't sound healthy to me
08.05.2020 21:00 # 3
I have the same problem. Idle 1000 comes, 1250 comes out and falls back. I think I found the solution to something that I think is breaking the LPG. Idle engine has changed 350 TL, I think they have given you the supplier industry price. Throat butterfly changed spark plug changed 1 week it seems like it gets better then same. I think we will use it this way.
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