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206 help

08.05.2020 16:04 # 1
Hello friends
the inside of the car is very hot even in the shade
there is no film in color gray glasses
I'm riding in other cars, normal heat
There is also a swing in the vehicle in gear changes
I wonder if they are clutches or my engine and transmission chock or something else
those who know would be a good helper
thanks sedat
08.05.2020 16:04 # 2
My car starts to chill in just 45s after turning off the car's air conditioner in the winter of 206+. In 1 minute, all windows are completely misted. Thermal insulation is a little bad. As you said in the summer, my car is very hot even in the shade in the park. I made a film number 1 on all windows, I got rid of it one degree: D I recommend.

There may be a situation with pressure pads, try shifting more quietly. look, is the same going on? It happens to me when I change series a bit.
08.05.2020 16:04 # 3
thanks for the comments
Number 1 is the thinnest, right?
08.05.2020 16:04 # 4
It was the thinnest where I got it. There were lighter shades in the ziebart, but they said 890tl. The 206+ windshield alone is very troubled. He did it twice, and the second one. His exercise is very long and laborious.
08.05.2020 16:04 # 5
Filming on the windscreen is prohibited

Number 1 is the finest yes, we try to help you better if you elaborate the knock on gear shifts a little more.
08.05.2020 16:04 # 6
the engine is shaking like it is throwing 3 at 2 or it is going to be at 4 o'clock the gas is like the engine is shaking
It sounds like motor ears to me but I'm not sure what do you think
08.05.2020 16:04 # 7
It is the engine's earbud, the same shock was in my car and when I showed it to the master, we saw it was broken and I changed
08.05.2020 16:04 # 8
thanks dude
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