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206 hdi 'patricular filter and fluid, this tool

08.05.2020 20:12 # 1
My friends vehicle 206 hdi 2007 fever, if these vehicles have patriarch and fluid, how many thousand km of change will require respect.
08.05.2020 20:12 # 2
There is already a warning in vehicles with my teacher.
08.05.2020 20:12 # 3
Thank you, I am using the master car of the company c5 today gave patriarchal malfunction. Thanks.
08.05.2020 20:12 # 4
I remember that the DPF system started to be used after 2007, 1.4 hdi 206 none of them, my teacher, probably the dpf fluid has run out. or because the filter is used for a short time, it cannot clean itself. if you go the long way, it may be corrected or filter replacement may be required.
25.10.2021 13:23 # 5
Master, is there a 2010 model peugeot 206 hdi?
30.05.2022 09:27 # 6
hello, does the 206+ 1.4 hdi comfort 2010 model vehicle have a particulate filter? While the vehicle is in motion, the speedometer needle suddenly drops to zero and before it falls, the vehicle gives off the gas out of my control and immediately drops to zero. When going in 1st and 2nd gear, there is an uncontrolled throttle pattern, although I give a little gas, the car suddenly throws itself. In 3 and higher gears, this gas imbalance does not occur, but the difference in engine noise is evident. While the pointer is on the sofa, sometimes it comes back to its normal place and sometimes it continues for almost 1km. Could this problem be related to the particulate filter?
31.05.2022 09:11 # 7
There are 206+ dpf sir, but your problem is not relevant. Your problem may be related to the air flowmeter. First of all, have the fault codes checked in the special service, which is an original software.
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