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206 hdi fuel tank

08.05.2020 19:19 # 1
Mrb I just bought fuel 48,5 lt, I know that the tanks are 50 lt. Previously, 42 liters of fuel was pouring from the bottom, but the bottom bus did not flow, but I went 10 km in red because the trip computer was writing 100 km goes. Is there an abnormality in the situation ??
08.05.2020 19:19 # 2
I also passed the last light. I went 10 km or not. I said the tank was full and took around 49 liters of fuel. I don't understand, it's gone. Did the man come to the bottom of the tank or the air flooded, did the buoy read wrong?

08.05.2020 19:19 # 3
I bought 51.5 liters of diesel in the last line of the hollow orange line. After the red it goes around 100-120 km. I pushed the boundaries, but I couldn't finish it. If anyone knows the diesel, tell where it ends. Smile
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