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206 gear sizzle

08.05.2020 16:05 # 1
Hello friends
I have a tiptronic gear vehicle that needs high revs when shifting (from 2 to 3 and 3 to 4), and when it opens the ignition for two days and shifts (forward and back), there is a buzz like electric short circuit from the front. no
obviously there is a problem with the transmission but I want to learn
It has been 1 month since I bought the vehicle. why might be the problem? I would also be very pleased if there were help from friends who had an idea of how much and how much the repair time was before and who had encountered such a problem.
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08.05.2020 16:05 # 2
I am the owner of the same sizzle in 2005 and I have a 2005 307, when I asked the evening dress in industry, I need to enter the gearbox, but since it is triptonic, I do not want to enter it. I can not cut a sizzle going, I hope the solution will be resolved if there is some kind of sound.
08.05.2020 16:05 # 3
the car is out of service today. They changed the gear oil, the oil was contaminated, the pressure was falling and it was difficult to shift gears. They gave a 15-day trial period. If the gear changes do not improve, the gearbox will be lowered and it will explode me at 2300 pounds.

the sizzle was caused by the hydro block block failure. After the gear problem is resolved, the block will definitely be replaced because the service said the car could leave me on the road. they already answer halfway when they ask the question. The cost of the hydraulic block is 1700 pounds.

So the car I bought for 17,500 first cost me 700, now it costs 2300. total expense was 20,500.

I will continue to share developments about my problem.

21.03.2021 12:24 # 4
Hello, I have this problem with my vehicle, has it been solved?
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