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206 air conditioning ball

08.05.2020 18:41 # 1
Good day, friends, when I turn on the air conditioner in the car, the sound of the engine changes and the temperature rises, they said to me that the air conditioner ball might be broken.
08.05.2020 18:41 # 2
Does the fan work when you turn on the air conditioner?
08.05.2020 18:41 # 3
yes fan is working
08.05.2020 18:41 # 4
I will be happy if you share when my brother learns how much it costs. I hear a strange noise when the air conditioner comes on and I suspect it. but I wouldn't recommend using it without looking. If you make a malfunction, you will have to replace the compressor. I know about 1000 TL
08.05.2020 18:41 # 5
I have the same problem. engine sound changes when you open the air conditioner. I'm curious about the problem Confused
08.05.2020 18:41 # 6
Now, what is the change in the sound? When the air conditioner turns on, the sound of the motor changes a little, but its relay increases and the sound changes due to the compressor, but what do you mean by the sound?
08.05.2020 18:41 # 7
something like a humming sound or a slight friction sound coming from the compressor.
we can describe it as the sound coming from the beds.
08.05.2020 18:42 # 8
Is the reason for the problem clear? Let me see it before I go long.
08.05.2020 18:42 # 9
In the same way, I have the problem, like rubbing sound, sometimes the ball runs off when the air conditioner is turned off, turns to blank, so I don't use it unless I have to.
08.05.2020 18:42 # 10
I asked this to a master, he said, there is wear on the bearings due to use. He does not fail immediately, but it will cause problems over time, he said. Although he said that the compressor needs to be replaced, I believe that this is a so-called mastery aimed at making money and focusing on parts rather than repair.
In any case, if the problem part of a system that fails, the system operates. no need to replace the system completely. There may be rare occasions, but not every mechanism.
08.05.2020 18:42 # 11
I have noticed today that when the air conditioner is turned on and especially after taking off in 1st gear, the engine noise increases very steadily. Flickering is more than normal in idling, but it is more pronounced when going. Let's go to the bostancı industry tomorrow. Let's see what the problem is.
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