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206 1.4 Petrol + LPG Valve adjustment

08.05.2020 19:29 # 1
Hello guys,

When I first bought my car, I took it to the maintenance, how much I changed the oil, air, filter, rod shaft, Master valves are hardened, I made the adjustment. I asked the master no yahu, he did not care whatever he said, 8 months passed, I took it to another master.
This time, I saw the difference as performance, but this time there is a chirping sound from the valves.
I took it to another master, the valves said loose, there was no pusher in them? ..

Can you laugh, cry

I am waiting for your help from friends who understand, I made the video below sound like this .. to
08.05.2020 19:29 # 2
Do not let loose, then go to hitting psitons or breaking the eccentric shaft seat and make the normal settings. It happened to me I'm telling him. Have a look at the sentence setting of the vehicle.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 3
Thank you soner, is it a hesitation that the Sente tuning timing belt is installed ?
08.05.2020 19:29 # 4
The reason I asked! In the first care, I also changed the timing apricot.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 5
Yes, my teacher, so have a check, and make the valve adjustment after the engine has cooled down. Wait 3-4 hours and do it.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 6
Thank you, I am planning to take the valve setting this time, because they will do the best. Otherwise, these masters will give the man head hair :)
08.05.2020 19:29 # 7
Difficult to find a master is a bit of luck in the market. Our pug 206 coy cars don't come to drive hard. :) not every master understands his language
08.05.2020 19:29 # 8
As a person, I am a calm user, when I first bought my vehicle, there was no problem with the traction of the vehicle, because we did not know the history of the habitual vehicle, we changed the oil to the trig, I did not have a problem, but after the first maintenance, I did not believe that it was good. fuel consumption is good in the city 25 krs out of the city is burning 20 LPG de gas imbalance at idle in gasoline (when it is very small and warmed) and sometimes the vehicle stopped stopping at the lights when the air conditioner was on, I thought I had to clean the throttle one day, I went to another master in the industry one day, we said we did it. , this time there was a voice, :) As you said, it is very difficult to find someone honest ... I hope it would be best to take it to the service, it does not shake, thank you again .. the umitdagl 2015-11-04 13:08:26
08.05.2020 19:29 # 9
just like my teacher, I changed it from cylinder head gasket to seals from trig to circulation pump. so that the head is comfortable. stop event affects the lpg setting, my valve also affects the valve setting.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 10
Thank you. I made an appointment on Friday, they said 70 TL from the service.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 11
they want a figure like 50 TL in industry. You can also connect a pc and see if there is another problem. There are features that are inactive and you can open them.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 12
Yes guys, today I have set the valve settings of my car as 0.20 intake 0.40 Exhaust,

The sound (creaking) in my car was cut off, thank you very much to the relevant friends, the previous master has left too much loose,

NOTE: My advice to you is to investigate the problem in your vehicle well.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 13
I'm glad your problem is solved, my teacher is not comfortable for people when it comes to such sounds.
08.05.2020 19:29 # 14
You are right, Man's sleep is falling :)
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