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206 1.4 HDI - Smoke / Ash problem

08.05.2020 21:00 # 1
Hello friends, I have been following the forum for a long time. Your posts are very useful.
I have a problem.
Particles such as black dust or ash are constantly sticking to the tailgate of my vehicle.
It burns nicely as fuel, between 4-4.5-5 liters. Unless it is loaded too much, it does not emit black smoke, but when it is loaded into the gas, it produces black smoke especially in the 2nd and 3rd gears. Last month, I changed the injector washers because the sound of the injectors was beginning to come out. My repairman friend said you brought it just in time. I feel the slightest chills in my vehicle, and I try to fix the problem immediately. Anyway, we disassembled the washers, cleaned the injectors. The slight tremor went down to zero. The air intake sound was also completely cut off. But black smoke still continues. There are spot stains on the rear tailgate such as soot like soot. Exhaust outlet also darkens constantly.
It is as if ash exits from the exhaust of the vehicle. I complete the warehouse 2 times a month. I add 1 würth diesel per month. I take the diesel from shell or opet.
Does anyone have a comment or happen to it?

By the way, my car is 2005 model 1.4 HDI Van
At 220 thousand km.
I use good brand oil, I will definitely disrupt 10 thousand maintenance. For 12 years, he did not fail, he did not let ebbi down. Only 1 time air conditioner magneto broke. Since 2005, I have not been able to separate from kerata.
iclturkey 2018-09-08 09:36:03
08.05.2020 21:00 # 2
If there is no performance degradation according to fuel consumption, there is no problem in your vehicle.

EGR, Turbo, etc., which may cause the problem you mentioned if the diesel engines, which use quality fuel and maintenance products, comply with the maintenance period, know the work in the past and are maintained by honest repairers, did not change hands frequently. at least 500 thousand km does not cause problems.

On the other hand, there may be a problem caused by exhaust, but different sounds occur, etc. they have other symptoms.

Reduce the fuel to a single brand and consume 2-3 tanks from another location instead of the station you have purchased so far. Avoid flushing / bottom gasing in use and see if the problem persists.

... and today's fuels with all the chemicals required by end users added. stop adding additives regardless of their claims!

08.05.2020 21:00 # 3
Thank you very much for your answer.
I never thought of a problem with exhaust.
I use the air conditioner always on, I wonder if there is something exhaust fumes mixed with steam.

08.05.2020 21:00 # 4
[QUOTE = iclturkey]
I use the air conditioner always on, even if the exhaust smoke is mixed with steam and it sticks to the tailgate

The air conditioner increases fuel consumption a little, but if there is no problem in adjusting the fuel / air mixture, that is , the extra sprayed fuel does not cause a rich mixture so that the power produced by the engine does not decrease due to the activated air conditioning compressor, the use of the air conditioner has no effect as mentioned.
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