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206 1.4 Gasoline Burned 1 Tl At Km, I think?

08.05.2020 18:29 # 1
Sa friends My car 206 2003 Model 1.4 X-Line (Gasoline) I was on the road in the past, more precisely, gasoline was entrusted to the door of the house. When I was done until the bottom of the gasoline, I bought 20 liters of gasoline in the gas canister, 4 liters came. Then I went to fill the tank of the car. I used to reset the kilometer. Let's See How Many Miles Will Go. According to my account, I said I should take 40 km per kilometer if it burns the worst 50 cents per kilometer. But The Account At Home Didn't Fit The Market Today I Run The Car Room Neither Gasoline Finished. I looked at the mileage is 24 km. I said Yuhhh and I was surprised. I said that it is burning 1 TL per kilometer. Since I put the gasoline in the vehicle, I have used a short distance up to 4 5 km distance. I Come From The House To The Beach. While I'm listening to music in the meantime, I run the car 2 3 minutes, so the battery won't run out. I Say I Have It In The Winter Environment But No matter How Novice I Am, But I Don't Say The Air Will Not Burn 1 Tl. As a result, if I am a novice, I do not give intermediate gas when idle. Can anyone have such a thing? I thought for a moment, when the tank was empty, I threw 20 TL gasoline. Maybe There Is No Pump Inside. It Stands A Little Horizontally.
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First of all you made the initial of all the words especially big, I want to ask him curiously ??? :) then I go back to the topic, what is the size of your car's tire rim? It affects the fuel incredibly, let me point it out.
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[QUOTE = volkanC2] First of all you made the initial of all the words especially big, I want to ask him curiously ??? :) then I go back to the topic, what is the size of your car's tire rim? it affects the fuel incredibly, let me state it .. the second spark plug that comes to my mind is that it may need to be replaced ..

The initials of the words are capitalized, the habit of going to the caps lock key.
the tire sizes of the vehicle as far as I remember 175 175 R14 original tires of the vehicle. of course, the rear and the front are different, but the dimensions are not the same steel rim.
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I was burning like a coach. Thumbs Up
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If this goes like this, our father should be like a womb: D
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Gasoline calculation is not made with 20 lira.
08.05.2020 18:29 # 7
Make the full tank of your car, reset the mileage meter, use it until the gas light turns on. When the light turns on, you can calculate the money you pay when you complete it with km on the screen and it gives you a clear figure. you can get that number as your average car.

Note: I always look to buy gasoline without turning on the light, even if it is reflected in the quarter, it will eventually be bought. There is no benefit from taking it when it burns out. namely; Are you going in the light, you even said the gasoline was finished. If your injector suffers water, dirt, etc., you may encounter problems, injector, coil etc. these parts and workmanship are expensive. It bothers you.
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brother bi depo fulle then let's talk 20 tl. what is: D
08.05.2020 18:29 # 9
In this way, if you calculate gasoline, you will burn the pump from me and it will take you even more quickly as soon as you get the savings. 1.4 vehicles will burn 35 cents in the city. It doesn't burn 1 TL per km, so there is no such thing.
08.05.2020 18:29 # 10
Firstly, I had a Toyota Avensis 2.0d4d turbo gasoline, it wouldn't even burn injectors.
08.05.2020 18:29 # 11
Fill the tank until the gun is fired, reset the km counter, travel at least 200-300 km and fill the tank again until the gun is fired, divide the amount you receive by the km you make ...

Be careful not to circulate with less fuel from the quarter tank, the gasoline in the tank helps cool the gas pump, the less gas you run around, the more the pump will get warmer and shorten its life.
08.05.2020 18:29 # 12
If I can show you a more economical method, then you can calculate with 50 liras, when the gasoline needle is right above zero, reset the km, then buy 50 TL of gas, then again when it reaches zero 50 km, I measure it like this.
08.05.2020 18:29 # 13
I laughed good at coach jokes Smile

He said friends, but let me underline. Short distance makes it burn, but not that much. By fuller you will get much better results. And yes, watch out for God bless you may be on the run.
08.05.2020 18:29 # 14
There is no smell of gasoline in the car. When I first run it, the smell of gasoline is coming.
08.05.2020 18:29 # 15
As I said, if there is a leak in the exhaust, if there is a look, it is raw, because the fuel is not normal.
08.05.2020 18:29 # 16
I filled the tank of the car. While full, he pumped in 44 liters. It contained 6 liters of gasoline. I said I will die fuel, Snra pump. It was 50 liters filled up again. The pump gauge was 50 liters. I don't understand how it was 50 liters when there was 6 liters of gasoline.What if there was a reserve, there would be 60 km of fuel, whatever it is now I will fill it again when it is 100 km but if it is 60 km, it shows me that it is normal.

08.05.2020 18:29 # 17
The tank of the vehicle is not normally filled up to the throat, so the pump is thrown. There is a sensitive sensor in the pumps, I think it beats when the tank is full. But the petrol shops are always trying to sell some more gasoline, adding themselves manually. When I do not get into the car for a long time, sometimes when the pump starts up early, the tank is not full, but a small deficiency appears again. Let these be the little information.

If 1 line has landed at 60 km, the vehicle burns until you move the tank. My vehicle goes 80-100 km comfortably on the first line as the pumpers put a little bit of gasoline. The next lines take a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 80 km.
You'd better refill it in the same way. Our line account may not keep.
08.05.2020 18:29 # 18
I fill my gasoline full km zeroes 2-3 times every 100 km once again my full walls, for example, 33-40 years old, then I ride again until the full lights km again, I get the healthiest results again when I light up, the most healthy results are taken as 20 lira. because it was water it was wrong to rob it
08.05.2020 18:29 # 19
[QUOTE = yawruaslan] I use gasoline full milks 2-3 times every 100 km once again, my full walls, for example, 33-40 years old, then I ride again until the full light mileage, and I burn it again, I burn it again, I burn my mileage to my mileage. the results are taken like this, with 20 lira, it was water, it was wrong to say something [/ QUOTE]

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08.05.2020 18:29 # 20

2 lines fell at 60 km. I got stuck in 20 km traffic. I went without getting into the traffic at 25 km. I always traveled a short distance 1 2 km in 15 km. I hurt the car's contact 10 times. Maybe I say 2 lines have fallen out of this, but it fell again early. The car has to replace all the filters. If it burns a lot, I will sell it and switch to diesel.
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