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106 Side Mirror Adjustment Arm

08.05.2020 20:30 # 1

I joined you with my 2002 model 106 color line vehicle. When I was trying to adjust the side mirror on my side, there was a click, and the mirror adjustment lever was attached to the lower left corner. I don't think it's broken. Naturally, the mirror is looking upwards. By pushing it with my hand, I am correcting its position, but over time, it turns to the top again. I do not know how I can reach the mechanism of this mirror, if I disassemble the plastic coating inside the vehicle and tamper with it a little.

Thanks for your answers in advance.
08.05.2020 20:30 # 2
First of all, welcome to us. most likely the rope may be broken. Be careful when removing the mirror. It could be changed in the 206s.

If you want to disassemble, there is a diagram in the link I gave

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