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106 idle engine acill

08.05.2020 18:54 # 1
My friends have locked my idle engine, naturally it does not keep idle, the master said it needs to be changed, but would you suggest a subcontractor instead of the original?
08.05.2020 18:54 # 2
You can dismantle the idling engine and use the locked state to its normal state without plugging it in. I had unplugged it in my previous vehicle, but first you need to unmount it and lock it. my problem was giving the gas at 3000 rpm when the vehicle was idle .. if you are going to install the sub-industry, of course, but if the sub-industry is 75 TL or 100 TL, it is not directly worth the original industry.
08.05.2020 18:54 # 3
On the other hand, while I was on the road, the idling was high, when I stopped, it was going to stop at 2 thousand.
08.05.2020 18:54 # 4
Don't let the old master ...
08.05.2020 18:54 # 5
Sub-industry should be 50 lira, you can do as follows: If the side industry idling again creates a problem, I think hella brand, if you can attach the mirror of the original motor to the engine, you will continue to use it as the original.
08.05.2020 18:54 # 6
That mile is already locked, the chief must be taken new from him
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